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Associate Degree Nursing Program Immunization Information

Immunization and Health Screening Requirements For Students with Clinical Responsibilities

The following immunizations are required for all students involved in clinical activities in the nursing program. These requirements have been established to help protect health care providers and their patients during encounters with one another in clinical settings. Clinical facilities providing student experiences for the program may have additional requirements for students with which students must comply in order to continue in the nursing program.

Students must have completed or started a series prior to beginning the nursing program. Your personal healthcare provider can provide you with appropriate documentation which will be submitted to the nursing faculty on the first day of class.

  1. Tuberculosis Screening
    • Proof of negative 2 step ppd or negative IGRA test, or quantiferon.
    • If known positive, physician documentation of the positive test and a negative chest x-ray is required current within five years.
  2. MMR
    • Proof of immunity to rubella, rubeola, and mumps. One of the following may be used as documentation:
    • Documentation of two MMR vaccines.
    • Documentation of positive rubeola, rubella, and mumps titers.
  3. Hepatitis B
    • A series of three injections at recommended intervals or documentation of a protective Hepatitis B surface antibody titer.
    • If the Hepatitis B titer is negative after the initial series of three injections, the series of three injections should be repeated and a repeat titer drawn.
  4. Varicella
    • Proof of immunity to varicella by one of the following:
    • Positive antibody titer.
    • Immunization with varicella vaccine.
  5. Tdap Vaccine
    • Current within 10 years
  6. Influenza Vaccine - Due in October.

Additional Requirements

  • Urine Drug Screen: Completed by a BCTC approved company.
  • Proof of Health Insurance: Must provide letter of coverage from insurance provider Current within 10 years.