BCTC-NARA Student Will Benefit From New IFHRA Racing Scholarship Fund

LEXINGTON, KY (June 9, 2015) - Following a screening process, one deserving student at Bluegrass Community and Technical Colleges North American Racing Academy (BCTC-NARA) will be awarded a new scholarship recently created by the International Federation of Horse Racing Academies (IFHRA) at its General Assembly meeting held in Warsaw, Poland.

Called the IFHRA Racing Scholarship Fund (RSF), an amount of $100,000 has been pledged by HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi to launch the RSF and has been earmarked to initiallybenefit between 10-20 IFHRA students and recent graduates to spend approximately two months with reputed mentors in the field.

Remi Bellocq, executive director of BCTC-NARA and the general secretary of IFHRA said, the Fund is designed to benefit both students of IFHRA members and employers within the horse racing and breeding industries. Students will work abroad in real-world situations gaining experience and benefiting from mentorship which will be a long-term benefit to future careers.

The concept is based on providing students with valuable continuing education opportunities in the event they choose a new path within horse racing and relatedindustries. Future employers will also benefit from students who have experienced the IFHRA RSF and who have therefore gained training in the newest practices the industry offers, said Bellocq.

IFHRA Chairman Lara Sawaya, said, Improving the horse racing and breeding industry workforce by providing racing academy students or recent graduates with the opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience in equitation and overall horsemanship, while learning about new cultures and customs, is the goal of the IFHRA RSF.

IFHRA was founded in 2014 under the instructions of HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs and had a record number of 18 countries at the time of inception. It has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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