How to Support Your Student | BCTC

How to Support Your Student: Every Step of the Way!

The admissions process requires attention to detail. Your student will get boatloads of information during this time. Here are some things you can ask them:

  • Did you write down your student number?
  • Have you submitted your official high school transcript/GED?
  • Have you set up your KCTCS account?

When your student is admitted, they can then prepare to enroll in classes. They will have to check a few things of their list things to get into the proper classes.

  • Have you scheduled an appointment with your advisor?
  • Do you need to take a placement test to get into a class?
  • Will you be a full-time or part-time student? (Full time is a minimum of 12 credit hours)
  • Have you submitted your application for financial aid? (The application is called the FAFSA)
  • Are there any items on your To-Do list in your student self-service?

Though you can't do the work for them, while your student is taking classes there are a few things you can ask to check in on them!

  • How's your workload? Are you overwhelmed?
  • Do you know how to contact a tutor?
  • Have you attended any workshops?
  • Can I proofread for you?
  • Are you struggling with anything?

Did you know you have to apply for graduation? Here are some things you can ask your student during this important time:

  • Have you applied for graduation?
  • Have you met with a career counselor?
  • Have you requested a degree audit from your advisor? (a degree audit can help prevent your student from missing any required courses)

When your student graduates, they are invited to join our alumni network. Our alumni network is more than 40,000 strong and comprised of former students who attended BCTC or one of our predecessor institutions.

  • Have you joined the BCTC Alumni Network?
  • Have you created an account on BCTC's job posting and resume database?
  • Can I help you practice for an interview?