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A Few Good Men Initiative

A Few Good Men Initiative (FGM) is a program established by the Diversity Task Force for Recruiting and Retention designed to empower males of color, particularly African-American males, academically, personally and professionally.  FGM intends to increase, encourage, and support inclusion and educational success.  As a male empowerment program designed to address the needs of men of color, FGM will also strive to develop valuable leadership skills at Bluegrass Community and Technical College.  This retention program will foster a supportive environment for students to learn and grow as active members of the academic community and as individuals through education. 

Four core functions:

  1. Academic Advising
  2. Academic Coaching/Monitoring (high touch, high impact)
  3. Academic Support
  4. Student Success

Program Requirements:

  • Students must be enrolled full-time at BCTC
  • Each student will be assigned an Academic Advisor and Academic Coach
  • Participants must attend monthly "Real Talk" workshops
    • Workshops will be co-facilitated by a Community Leader and a BCTC Employee
    • Some topics may include:
      • Handling emotional aspects of college life
      • Reacting to academic and other stressors
      • Balancing college and personal life
      • Conflict resolution, critical thinking, learning styles and goal setting
      • Outside distractions - impact on inside goals
      • Perceptions of black men
      • Plight of Young black men
      • Racial profiling
      • Your outside appearance
      • Dating and Relationships 
      • Employment opportunities, Mental Health and more!
  • Students must meet with the African-American Retention Specialist (Advisor or other assigned advisors) and Academic Coach twice per semester
  • Students will engage in a shared-learning experience
  • Must continue from fall to the next fall semester or apply for a credential

Who's gonna do it? YOU!

Shelbie Hugle
Associate Dean of Admissions &
Director of Diversity Task Force for Recruiting and Retention

Benefits of FGM

  • Strong connections with other students
  • Building relationships with Community Leaders, Faculty & Staff
  • Mentoring
  • Real Talk with Strong Men
  • Social and Cultural Activities
  • High Touch High Impact Academic Support

"I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom."
A Few Good Men 1992

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