Troubleshooting Access To Blackboard | BCTC

Troubleshooting Access To Blackboard

If you are unable to open the Blackboard Web site, review the recommendations below. If you are able to access Blackboard but cannot find a specific class, please review the Troubleshooting Access to Course Shells tips.

Check Blackboard Link

Be sure that you are using the correct link to Blackboard.

*NOTE* Students sometimes bookmark out-of-date links.

Switch Web Browsers

Sometimes a Web browser malfunctions. It is good practice to have at least two different Web browsers available to you. If you have not already, download and install Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both are free.

Reboot Computer

Restarting your computer resolves many computer problems.

User Account Center

Use the User Account Center to change/update your password. Outdated/expired passwords will prevent Blackboard access.

Check Maintenance Schedule

Periodically, Blackboard is unavailable due to regularly scheduled maintenance. The maintenance schedule appears on the main Blackboard page.

Check College Web Site for Outages

Blackboard outages are posted to the college home page.

Blackboard Help Desk

If all else fails, contact the Blackboard Technical Help Desk website or by phone: (855) 546-2282.