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Visual Schedule Builder Guide

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) allows students to quickly compile a non-conflicting schedule. When using the tool, students can type which classes they would like to take for a semester into the Select Course bar.

The "Add" button puts the courses into to the schedule. After students have added every course they are considering taking, they will see variations of a schedule.

Students can then maneuver through every schedule combination possible for that semester and see which options they prefer. When a student sees a time that he or she likes for a course, the student can pin that option down and continue to look for other options for different courses.

If you're a KCTCS student, you can use the Visual Schedule Builder by going to your Student Self-Service Account.

Screenshot Student Self-Service

Click the "NEW! Create Your Schedule" button.

Screenshot Create Your Schedule Icon

Once you find the classes you need, you can enroll right from the Visual Schedule Builder. Your class schedule will be saved and you can print it out that day!

  1. Choose the "Term" that you want to search in by selecting the radio button at the top of the "Select Courses".
  2. Choose "Bluegrass" as your college by selecting the checkbox next to it. (This is an optional field)
  3. Choose "Bluegrass Comm & Tech College" under "Campuses". (This is an optional field)
  4. Choose the campuses that you want to take the classes at. For Online classes, select "BLC Cooper Drive Campus"
  5. Enter all desired courses
  6. Select "Generate Schedules" from the results after you have entered all the courses you want.
    1. Block out times on the calendar that you are not able to have classes so courses on those dates will not appear in the results.
    2. Click on the class in the list or calendar to "pin" a section you like.
    3. You can use the arrow keys to move between different schedules you've generated.
    4. Be sure to read through the descriptions and prerequisites to make sure you qualify.
    5. Pay attention to section numbers, they indicate campus and corequisite courses.
      1. J0XX = Cooper Campus
      2. 15XX = Leestown Campus
      3. J1XX = Newtown Campus
      4. 16XX = Lawrenceburg Campus
      5. J2XX = Winchester Campus
      6. 17XX = Danville Campus
      7. J3XX = Georgetown Campus
      8. 19ZX = Online Campus
      9. An "A" in the Section Number usually means the course is part of a paired or corequisite course. (i.e. MAT 150-J1A1 must be taken with MAT 100-J1A1)
  7. When you have created the ideal schedule, click the "Get this schedule" button to have them added to your Shopping Cart in Peoplesoft automatically.
    1. If you are not signed in, or you need to share your desired schedule, you can also send your advisor/advisee a link to the schedule. Just click on "share" to generate a link you can copy and send to others.