Schedule an Appointment Through Bookings | BCTC

Schedule an Appointment Through Bookings

  1. Click on Bookings Hyperlink
    The Bookings link will be provided by your Advisor, Instructor, Tutor, etc.
    1. Type of Appointment (Typically on-campus or online)
    2. Date (Dates in BOLD are available)
    3. Time for your appointment
      screenshot of of bookings page
  2. Complete form and click “BOOK”
    1. Add contact information including
      1. KCTCS Email Address
      2. USA Country Code in the phone number
      3. Check box to receive text reminders
    2. Answer any additional Questions
    3. Click “BOOK” to make your appointment!
      screenshot of student information page
  3. Access appointment information through your KCTCS Outlook Calendar from a PC, tablet or smart phone!