Tutoring | BCTC


How do I know if I need a tutor?

The time to seek assistance from a tutor is the minute you realize you need help. If you're still not sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I falling behind in class?
  • Am I having trouble with homework assignments?
  • Have I done poorly on tests I have taken?
  • Do I have difficulty writing a paper?

If you answered "Yes" to even one question above, you should visit the tutoring and/or writing center soon.

Online Tutoring

What will tutoring do for me?

  • The goal of the tutoring program is to provide the resources to help strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the material in your college classes. It also promotes the processes of active learning, independence, and motivation.
  • Free tutoring is provided to currently enrolled students for selected content areas on all campuses. Subject areas may vary by semester and campus. Tutoring schedules are available each semester on all campuses.
  • The tutoring staff includes peer tutors and college faculty members. Peer tutors are fellow students who must meet certain qualifications and participate in an extensive training program. Faculty consist of full-time and adjunct faculty, who specialize in the subject areas that they tutor. Tutors will work with you to help you understand the subject. They will serve as a guide, but they will not do your work for you.

How do I receive tutoring assistance?

BCTC Tutoring Services Schedules

  • Check our online schedules for tutoring locations and hours.
  • You do not need to make an appointment! Just drop in (or email your designated online tutor).
  • Arrive at the tutoring center with your textbook, class notes, and other course materials.
  • Sign in, or log in with your KCTCS credentials, at the Check-In Station as you enter the tutoring center.
  • Meet with your tutor for the specified amount of time.
  • Sign out, or log out with your KCTCS credentials, at the Check-Out Station as you leave the tutoring center.