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What is Advanced Manufacturing Technology?

The Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT) is a two-year (five semesters) Associate Degree that combines cutting-edge curriculum, paid working experience along with learning highly sought-after business principles and best practices of world-class manufacturers. It is more than a job, it is a pathway to a career. You attend class full time two days a week and work at your sponsoring manufacturer three days. You will also develop productive work behaviors that provide excellent self-development skills that are very attractive to employers.

AMT is more than just sitting in the classroom. The college and the manufacturer work closely together to enhance student learning. In addition to gaining skill mastery in the educational portion of the program, students learn about the culture of manufacturing through manufacturing workshops such as safety culture, lean manufacturing, problem solving, etc. Opportunities to increase communication and presentation skills as well as develop work ethic are also available. Students earn a wage while attending college and gain priceless work experience with global and local manufacturers.

Additional Information

1. You will need a KCTCS student ID number to fill out the AMT Application. If you do not already have a KCTCS student ID number, fill out the BCTC application.

  • If you are a dual credit student at a KCTCS school (Bluegrass, Maysville, Gateway, etc) you should already have a KCTCS student ID number and will not have to fill out the BCTC application.

2. Fill out AMT application. For the application to be considered complete the following conditions must be met. Once they are met, you will continue to the next step.

  • Minimum college placement scores are met in each area (Math, English, and Reading). Minimum college placement scores can be in the following ways:
  • ACT: 19
  • KYOTE: 22
  • EdReady: 55
  • College Level Math: Previous completion (grade of C or greater) of college level Math - MAT126 (Technical Algebra and Trigonometry) or equivalent course or higher
  • ACT: 18
  • Wonderlic: 310
  • College Level English: Previous completion (grade of C or greater) of college level English - Eng101 (Writing I) or equivalent course
  • ACT: 20
  • Wonderlic: 325
  • College Level English: Previous completion (grade of C or greater) of college level English - Eng101(Writing I) or equivalent course
  • If you have completed prior Math and English courses but do not meet any of requirements stated above, reach out to for guidance.
  • All required documents (transcript(s), essay, and resume) are submitted to
  • If you do not already meet these college placement scores, you can sign up for placement exams at BCTC. These exams are free the first time you take them. Please use the contact information below to schedule the necessary exam.
    • Leestown Testing Center
    • Georgetown Campus: Call 859-246-6658 to schedule your test
    • Danville Campus: Call 859-246-6860 to schedule your test

3. Interview with sponsoring companies. Once you have successfully completed step 2 you will be contacted to setup an interview date and time.

  • If you do not meet the minimum test scores discussed above or turn in all required documents, you will not be scheduled for an interview!

4. Company selections: If you are selected by a company, they will reach out to you to offer you a sponsorship for the AMT program. If you are not selected, BCTC will reach out to you by May 1.

Carefully read all the information located above regarding the application process. Applicants who fail to follow the process explained above will not be considered for an interview. 

The application will not close until August 1, 2022. However, applications completed after the interview dates listed below will not be guaranteed an interview. If the application process is completed after the dates listed below, interviews will only be conducted based on company need.

It is recommended to not wait to complete the application.

Once you have successfully completed the application, met college ready scores, and submitted the required documents, you will be scheduled for an interview. The interview will be conducted by the sponsoring companies of the AMT program and will be held on the Georgetown or Danville Campus. The interview dates are listed below and are subject to change. Any changes will be communicated to applicants prior to interviews.

  • Georgetown Fall Interview Dates
    • November 16
    • November 18
  • Georgetown Spring Interview Dates
    • March 15
    • March 17
    • March 22
    • March 24
  • Danville Interview Dates
    • March 29
    • March 31

It is highly recommended for applicants to prepare for the interview by researching basic interview etiquette and sample questions.

  • Salary and any benefits are determined by the individual manufacturer and will be relayed to the student during the selection process.
  • Pay increases are based on work performance evaluation and academic performance (this is considered income and subject to all applicable wage guidelines).
  • Program is eligible for KEES scholarship funding
  • Program is eligible for Federal Financial Aid
  • Scholarships are also available
  • Some manufacturers may provide tuition reimbursement

Because of safety and other concerns in the High Bay Area of BCTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Georgetown, a dress code has been established and will be enforced. This dress code has been established with the approval of the college's administration. 

Students not properly dressed will be asked to leave the High Bay area with the option to return in proper attire.  Having to leave the lab area could result in being considered absent or tardy.


  • Use of offensive, obscene, and/or abusive words or symbols on clothing is not permitted.
    • This includes the use of emblems, insignias, badges, or other symbols or lewd or vulgar words where the effect is offensive to a reasonable person or otherwise causes disruption or interference with the orderly operations of the Advanced Manufacturing Center.
    • BCTC faculty and staff may determine if an individual’s clothing violates any of the campus’ dress code. 
  • Generally, common sense and good taste should prevail in matters of dress.
  • NO open-toed shows are allowed, as this is a safety hazard, this includes Crocs™ or any type of closed sandals.
  • Leather shoes are preferred but are not required.
  • Certain footwear may be required depending on the lab area. Please refer to the PPE Guide for the area you will be working.
  • NO shorts or cropped pants are allowed. 
  • Jeans or khakis are acceptable if they have no major rips or tears.
  • Tank tops, halter-tops, tube tops, and sleeveless shirts are unsafe and strictly prohibited.
  • Long hair is to be put up or placed in a ponytail while in labs or near machinery. This is to protect the individual from serious injury.
  • Ball caps and hoods may be worn if they are in accordance with the area PPE.

What are my career choices?

While not guaranteed a position with the sponsoring manufacturer, graduates have an opportunity to be hired with a great salary and excellent benefits. Other manufacturers seek professionals with this level of experience and training, plus graduates may pursue a Bachelor's Degree in fields such a engineering, technology, or business.

What are my degree, diploma, or certificate options?

Industrial Maintenance involves maintaining industrial systems working properly. Technicians working in industry are the people who work directly with machines: troubleshooting, calibrating, repairing, re-programming, and performing preventative maintenance. The program work implements the multidisciplinary, multiskilled model with courses in electricity, fluid power, mechanics, fabrication, troubleshooting, problem solving, etc.

Tool and die makers are precision metal workers who craft tools and metal forms for stamping, injection molding, and forging operations. They analyze design specifications, cut and shape metal, assemble parts, and test completed products for use in manufacturing facilities. This career involves precision machining and precision measurement. Work activities in machine shop involve applying knowledge of machine capabilities, the properties of materials, and shop practices to set-up and operate various machines. The skills needed to position work pieces, adjust machines, and verify the accuracy of machine functions and finish products are taught by classroom instruction, demonstration, and hands on experience.

Length of program

You can earn an associate in applied science degree in two years if you maintain full-time status.

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

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