BCTC wins Silver Award for 100 Years of the Kentucky Theatre | BCTC

BCTC wins Silver Award for 100 Years of the Kentucky Theatre

Published on Feb 20, 2024

A scene of two people conversing in a dim room at a table from the FLM 190 Bootcamp(Lexington, KY) – Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) wins the Silver Award for 100 Years of the Kentucky Theatre. 

BCTC’s Filmmaking and Cinematic Arts program, led by Stephanie Fitch, Program Coordinator, provides students with a hands-on, project-based overview of all elements of filmmaking, from the treatment of the script, and art design to the production, and editing to the final distribution. Sixteen students participated in various roles including acting, cinematographer, gaffer, and production on this project. 

The students enrolled in FLM 190 Bootcamp won the silver award, given to unforgettable films with the third highest scores from the panel. The bootcamp covers the organization and setup of film production in the form of a film `bootcamp.' It Includes lectures from experts in the field. It provides real-world experience for first-year students in the roles of Production Assistant, Assistant Director, Camera Assistant, and Grip. Second-year students include the roles of Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Producer, and Director with a focus on the completion of multiple short films or a feature-length production. This was one of the projects the class created, and it was directed by Matthew Kistenmacher, Adjunct faculty. Production was in partnership with the Kentucky Theatre as a fun way to document their 100th anniversary.

“The Spotlight Documentary Film Awards is dedicated to promoting experienced and new filmmakers through a unique and important competition,” said Fitch. “We are so excited to have been selected for this award and look forward to how this encourages our film students in their careers.”

“I am so thrilled to recognize the 16 students who participated in this project and Professor Stephanie Fitch for leading them,” said President Greg Feeney. “We have incredible students who are taught and trained to use their creativity and talent. This award demonstrates the great work of our faculty and students that will enhance our Filmmaking and Cinematic Arts program for student access and success,” said Feeney.

For more information about the Filmmaking and Cinematic Arts program, please contact Stephanie Fitch at stephanie.fitch@kctcs.edu or visit BCTC’s Filmmaking and Cinematic Arts program webpage.