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Our President

dr akakpo

On behalf of the outstanding faculty, staff and students of Bluegrass Community & Technical College, welcome to BCTC. Whether you are a prospective or current student, parent or community partner, we are happy you have chosen to learn more about us.

When you look at colleges today, you will see similarities in buildings and programs. At BCTC, however, you will experience much more than that. We are a community where students find confidence, collaboration, compassion and success. Then, they take that back into their families and workplaces, strengthening neighborhoods and creating Better Lives.

Over the years, we have made it our mission to transform our region one student, one employer and one community at a time. As a community built on commitment, communication and collaboration, we know that success depends on what happens inside and outside our classrooms. Therefore, our highly qualified and experienced faculty engage students in state-of-the-art learning environments. Our caring staff offer extensive support services including academic assistance, job placement, transfer assistance and student activities, promoting a student-first environment.

BCTC is a regional provider of education and workforce training serving students, businesses and communities at seven campuses in Lexington, Georgetown, Danville, Winchester and Lawrenceburg. You may choose from classes on one of these campuses or a wide-selection of online courses that fit into your busy schedule. We work closely with regional employers and partners to ensure that we are responding to their need and filling skills gaps, as we equip our students.

Upon completion of one or more of our over 40 programs options, you will be prepared for your next step, whether that involves transferring to one of our four-year partners to continue your education, or immediately entering the workforce with a degree or short-term certificate. So, whether you are new to college, have been away from school for a while, have a college credential and desire to increase or improve your skills, or are seeking training for your employees, we are here for you.

Visit one of our campuses, and you will see that you belong at BCTC! We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Dr. Koffi Akakpo, president of Bluegrass Community & Technical College in Central Kentucky, has worked in private industry and state government, and served students in higher education for 15 years, from classroom instruction to all aspects of administration.

Most recently, as vice president for business, administrative and student services at North Central State College (NCSC) in Ohio, Dr. Akakpo implemented his "students first" philosophy in all areas under his leadership. These initiatives included developing and expanding core values and student centered goals, restructuring and enhancing the NCSC enrollment process through the implementation of strategic enrollment initiatives to improve student service and increase enrollment, and working with local high schools to increase dual enrollment and scholarship opportunities. He also led efforts to move the college from an operating budget deficit to a positive financial situation, while improving services and infrastructure for students.

Strong connections to family and community are important to Dr. Akakpo. His passion in life and career is helping others achieve their dreams, and he is guided by what best serves the students. Dr. Akakpo and his wife Carolyn have two beautiful daughters.

Dr. Akakpo holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Toledo, Ohio, a Master of Business Administration from Ashland University, Ohio, and a Master of Science from Universite du Benin, Lome, Togo.

Q:  Where is your hometown, and what was your favorite thing about growing up there?

 A:  Lome, Togo in West Africa is my birth town. My favorite thing about growing up there was the family environment. My community was like a big family with caring people and lots of great food and cheer.


Q: What kind of student were you?

A:  I was always self-motivated and determined to be the best in my class.


Q:  What kind of music do you like to listen to?

A:  I like gospel songs, country and some contemporary songs.


Q:  How would your daughters describe you?

A:  I think my girls would say I'm loving, show concern for others, and that I tell funny stories.  They would say I push them to be their best and I am results-oriented. I always look to do the right things, even when that means sending them to school with a cold, but no fever.


Q:  What's the hardest job you ever had?

A:  Any job can be a hard job. I have discovered it is all in the attitude and outlook in life.


Q:  How do you like to spend your free time?

A:  I like to spend time with my family, watch the news, read books, go on nature walks with my wife and travel.


Q: Name one thing on your bucket list.

A:  I would like to visit Israel with my family.


Q:  Do you have a secret talent? If so, what is it?

A:  I have a way with little ones who are picky eaters!


Q: Why did you choose a career in education?

 A:  I chose education because I have a strong passion and unwavering commitment to help others fulfill their dreams.


Q:  What similarities/differences do you see between Central Ohio and Central Kentucky?

A:  People are very loving and caring at both places. Snow is the difference: there's too much snow in Mansfield.


Q:  Do you have any early "favorites" (restaurants, entertainment, etc.) in Central Kentucky?

A:  We have tried Mexican, Indian and Italian restaurants, and I like them all!


Q:  How do you see education changing in the next decade?

A:  The next decade will require more technology, hands-on learning and online options. Most     importantly, we are going to have to be much more flexible and nimble.


Q:  What do you think is the most important job of the president?

A:  My most important job is to fulfill the fiduciary duty, to act in the best interest of those I serve, both internal and external customers. This entails academic integrity, financial integrity, and institutional reputation.


Q:  What new programs or partnerships would enhance our strategic educational efforts?

A:  Specifics will be decided after listening to employers and partners. However, I envision aggressive partnerships with businesses, high schools, universities, community leaders and elected officials.


Q:  What are the biggest challenges we face in higher education?

A:  Changing demographics, keeping up with the information technology evolution, declining state support, college costs, growing competition over students , and state and federal mandates all pose challenges.


Q:  Why are community colleges important in higher education? 

A:  Because we are very nimble and flexible, we can serve student and community needs more  quickly and comprehensively than our four-year partners.


Q:  How will we build on where we are now, and where do you see us going as a college?

A:  Through great teamwork, BCTC has done an excellent job of serving our communities. Going forward, I see many opportunities for this excellent team to take the college to the next level. I look forward to working with our staff, faculty and community to serve our students through partnerships that benefit all. I'm excited about leading the BCTC team.