Provost Organizational Chart | BCTC

Provost Organizational Chart

Dr. Greg Feeney

Bluegrass Provost

    • Tonya Spivey & Jennifer May 
      Senior Administrative Assistants
    • Dr. Jim Fenton
      Academic Grant Development
    • Dr. Rebecca Simms
      FCPS Liaison
    • Angie King
  • Tania Crawford Gross
    Associate Vice President/Dean of Students/Student Conduct Officer
    • Shelbie Hugle
    • Vanessa Arnold
      Student Accessibility Services
    • Shawn Stokes
      Student Support Services, Lexington
    • Student Support Services, Danville
    • Tish Duvall
      Educational Talent Search
    • Cathi Smith, Ellen Biddle, Anita DuBose
      Ready to Work
    • Fred Smith
      Upward Bound
    • Kacy Midkiff
      Comprehensive Transitions & Postsecondary Program
  • Dr. Karen Mayo
    Associate Vice President, Academics and Workforce Development
    • Clovis Perry, Savannah Michaels
    • Runan Evans
      Financial Aid
    • Becky Harp Stephens
    • Nathan Smith
      Student Success Hub
    • Anita Nelums
      Counseling Services
    • Robin Haggerty, Leon Lane
      Course Scheduling
    • Courtney Jordan
      Library Services
    • Kausha Miller
      Student Success Initiatives
    • Kylie Pemberton
  • Dr. Erin Tipton
    Associate Vice President, Workforce Solutions
    • Donna Heath-Johnson
      Workforce Solutions Director
    • Tatyana Gause
      Workforce Scholars
    • Gary Robinson
    • Remi Bellocq
      NARA/BCTC Equine
    • Regional Campuses
      • James Neyhouse
        Danville Campus Director
      • Lynn Godsey
        Georgetown Campus Director
      • Alycia Tidrick
        Lawrenceburg Campus Director
      • Bruce Manley
        Winchester Campus Director
    • Faith LaNette Calhoun-Louden
      Director of Career, Employment, and Work Based Learning
  • Dr. Melanie Williamson
    Academic Dean
    • Ralph Potter
      Advanced Manufacturing
    • Lauren Campbell
      Business, Computer & Information Systems
    • Holly Clifford
      Communications, History, Languages & Social Sciences
    • Kathy Swango
    • Jeff Herrin
      Skilled Trades
    • Judy Druggan
      Police Academy
  • Dr. Val Zeps
    Academic Dean
    • Vicki Partin
      Allied Health, Mathematics & Statistics
    • Dr. Kevin Hopper
      Natural Sciences
    • Dr. Connie Lamb
      Director of Nursing, Associate Academic Dean
  • Dr. Wendy Bolt
    Academic Dean
    • David Sturgill
      Adult Education
    • Dr. Emma Gibbs
      Dual Credit Middle College K-12 Partnerships
    • Darrell Brewer
      Testing Center
    • Colleen Merrill
      Teaching & Learning Center
    • Dr. Kevin Dunn
      Online Learning
    • Program & Curriculum Development
    • SACSCOC Academic Coordinator
    • Dr. Dan Schuman
      Adjunct Orientation
  • Erin Howard
    Associate Dean, Global Learning
    • Global Learning Center
    • Dr. Brian Schanding
      International Student Services
    • LatinX & Immigrant Student Services
    • Laura Puente
      Migrant Education
    • International Exchange Initiatives
    • International Recruitment Initiatives
    • Global Programming
    • Community Outreach & Support
    • Karissa Porter
      Refugee Career Pathways
  • Melinda LeMaster
    Dean, Institutional Planning, Research & Effectiveness
    • Micah Crawford
      Director of Institutional Effectiveness
    • Will Hibbard
      Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness
    • Kausha Miller
      Gen Ed Assessment
    • Leon Lane
      Tech Ed Assessment
    • Shelby Carter
      Early Alert Manager
    • Student Learning Outcomes