VP of Finance & Operations/IT Organizational Chart | BCTC

VP of Finance & Operations/IT Organizational Chart

Lisa G. bell

Vice President, Finance & Operations/IT

    • Jennifer Ball
      Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Budget Director, Vacant
    • Courtney Coomes
      Budget Manager
  • Justin Ball
    Associate Vice President of Business Services
    • Bursar, Vacant 
      • Manager of Accounts Receivable, Vacant
        • Deanna Birney
          Accounts Receivable
        • Linda Terry
          Third Party Coordinator
      • Abdhija Joshi
        Manager of Cash Services
    • Kimberly Cameron
      Director of Purchasing & Accounts Payable
      • Kim Dennis
        ProCard Site Coordinator & Travel Reimbursement Administration
      • James Poole
        Asset Management
    • Accounting Services, Vacant
  • Information Technology Services
    • Ray Forsythe
      Network Operations
    • Chad Hayes
      Projects, Analysis & Development
    • Loren Zink
      Technical Services
  • Jeff Bennett 
    Associate Vice President of Facilities and Operations
    • Facilities Planning & Capital Construction
    • John Brumley
      Facilities Services
    • Kay Brewer
      Custodial Services
    • Randy Kirkbride
    • Scott Coleman
      Safety & Security