Tornado Drill Information | BCTC

Tornado Drill Information

Your safety is of utmost concern to us, so we want to make sure you are prepared for potential severe weather situations.

Part of this preparation is knowing where your designated shelter areas are within your building. Below you will see a list of the security supervisors and designated areas for each building on each campus. Designated shelter areas are posted throughout campus buildings. In case of emergency if you are not able to get to the designated area, remember to move to an interior space with no windows.

If you have any questions, please contact your security supervisors or Scott Coleman at (859) 753-8446.


Security supervisor: TBD

Designated areas:

AT Building: 1st floor classroom hallway and restrooms
Moloney Building: rooms 109, 110, 112, and the 1st floor restrooms
Oswald Building: 1st floor hallways and restrooms, 2nd floor west hallways and restrooms, and 2nd floor east administrative hallway and restrooms


Security supervisor: Ron Schramm (869) 227-9854

Designated areas:

Rooms 105, 116, Women's restroom, Men's restroom, 119, 121, 129A&B, 130A, 131, 133, closet 136


Security supervisor: TBD

Designated areas:

Vending area and surrounding rooms: 123, 122, 121, 120, 119


Security supervisor: Steve Clark (859) 227-7982

Designated areas:

Women's restroom 166, men's restroom 167 (south hallway); women's restroom 125, men's Restroom 126 (east hallway); 117, 155, women's restroom 152, men's restroom 153, 104,108,115,116,118,143


Security supervisor: Hilda Ampadu (859) 227-6705

Designated areas:

Building A- Rooms 125, 117, 108, 101, 109, 127, 128, 132, 135
Building B - Rooms 118,114,111, 100
Building C - Rooms 111,115,116,117,119, 135, 139, 142 and the women's and men's
Building M - Rooms 122 A, B and C
Building N - Rooms 122,103,105,107, men's restroom upstairs
Building S - Rooms 103, 105, 111, 115


Security supervisor: Rob Carmichael (859) 270-3941

Designated areas:

Admin Building: under the main staircase
Classroom Building: lower level student seating area and surrounding classrooms
Science Building: 1st floor hallway
Adult Education Building: center hallway


Security supervisor: Gary Henry (859) 490-1436

Designated areas: 1st floor end of hallway, room 114, room 108, and women's bathroom