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Plans and Procedures

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Learning Environment

At Bluegrass Community and Technical College, we take great care to provide a safe learning and working environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Safety and Security At BCTC

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Crisis Management Plan

Emergency Procedures Guide

Security and Safety Policies

Responsible Unit(s): Finance and Operations, Operation Manager-Security & Safety, Supervisors

Reference: KCTCS Administrative Policies and Procedures, Section Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Revised: 4/15/2009

Based on KCTCS policy, employees must help create the pleasant and safe working conditions that KCTCS intends, resulting in better performance for the organization overall and personal satisfaction for employees. Therefore, college employees should not have family members, friends, or children spend extended periods of time with them during normal working hours.

BCTC is sensitive to our employees' child-care circumstances; however, the college cannot permit children to remain in the workplace because of the legal liability. As necessary, supervisors may grant leave at their discretion in emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

Children of faculty, staff, or students must be accompanied and attended by an adult while on campus. The college campus is not suited for small children, and children should not be left unattended at any time while on campus, neither in the buildings, nor on the grounds, including in automobiles. If children are discovered left unattended, parents will be located and instructed to remove the children from campus.

Adults who bring children to campus will be asked to control the actions of the children and remove them from the campus if the children disturb college operations. Due to safety concerns, children are not to be taken to classrooms, laboratories, or clinical sessions unless they are to take part in the educational program.

Accident and Emergency Reporting Policy and Procedures

Hazardous Waste Management Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Bloodborne Pathogen Plan

Public Posting Policy

Bluegrass Community & Technical College (BCTC) is an open environment that embraces diversity of ideas and people. We allow public messages and messengers, provided they do not disrupt the operation of the campus business, do not result in violence or threats of violence, do not violate the law and do not create safety risks. We strive to maintain an environment at BCTC where students, faculty, staff and our community stakeholders can gain knowledge and information that will help them achieve their better lives.

Therefore, BCTC provides a place for public posters, fliers and similar items to be displayed on BCTC’s designated bulletin boards, on each campus. This is the only place public messaging may be posted. Materials may not be posted or laid on any other surface, including designated BCTC departmental bulletin boards, at any BCTC facility. Materials found outside the designated bulletin boards will be removed. fliersers that contain or advocate violence or any illegal activity will be immediately removed. Bulletin boards will be maintained, and items mentioned above may remain 30 days. After that time, they may be removed. All materials will be removed from bulletin boards at the end of each academic term.

Any fliers, posters or other materials created by BCTC marketing for official BCTC programs or departments are exempt from the removal schedule, but may be removed by the program sponsor, the relevant department representative or the marketing department.