Financial Aid Information for Summer Enrollment | BCTC

Financial Aid Information for Summer Enrollment

This is information for students that are planning to attend during any BCTC summer session and may have questions about if they qualify for Federal Financial Aid.  This is a guide and does not guarantee financial aid eligibility due to the individualized nature of the financial aid award process. If you have questions related specifically to your account, please contact our office.

How will I know if I qualify for Financial Aid during the summer?

Beginning April 1 the Financial Aid office reviews students that have a current year FAFSA on file to determine if a student has aid eligibility for the sessions they are enrolled.  The basic qualifications for receiving financial aid must be met during the summer.  These requirements include, but are not limited to,

  • Enrolled in a financial aid eligible program with classes that are required for your program of study
  • Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress at the end of your last semester of attendance

Will I be eligible for a PELL Grant?

PELL Grants are limited to a total of six years.  If you are a student with a PELL eligible EFC, your enrollment during the current academic year will determine if you are eligible to receive an award during the summer.

  • If you attended full-time during Fall and Spring *:
    You must enroll in at least six or more credit hours to receive a PELL grant if you attended full-time during the Fall and Spring. This is due to you using your full “scheduled” award for the current year. If you are enrolled in multiple sessions (example: a class that starts in June and the other in July) you will not receive a disbursement until after the class starts in July to ensure you meet the requirements. *Effective Summer 2018, the Pell Grant allowed amount per academic year has been increased from 100 percent to 150 percent in specific cases; the Pell Lifetime Eligibility (LEU) limit of 600 percent (or six years) still applies.
  • If you attended less than full-time during Fall and Spring
    If you were not enrolled full-time you may receive a PELL Grant, based on your EFC, if enrolled in any amount of credit hours. This is because you have some remaining scheduled award for the current year.

Will I be eligible for a Federal Direct Student Loan?

There are annual limits to the amount of student loans you may receive.  If you exhausted your annual amount during Fall and Spring you will not be eligible to receive a loan disbursement. Students that are enrolled in at least six credit hours and have annual eligibility left may receive a loan disbursement. 

Annual Loan Limits
Grade Level Dependency Status Sub Max Total Loans
Freshman (credit hours earned 0-29) Dependent $3,500 $5,500
Freshman (credit hours earned 0-29) Independent $3,500 $9,500
Sophomore (credit hours earned 30+) Dependent $4,500 $6,500
Sophomore (credit hours earned 30+) Independent $4,500 $10,500

Will I receive KEES, Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, or CAP Grant during summer?

No, these awards are only available during Fall or Spring semesters.