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Report Additional Financial Resources

If you are receiving additional financial resources, please report them to BCTC Financial Aid through this online form. You will need to log in with your KCTCS credentials to submit the form.

This includes awards you are scheduled to receive from organizations or agencies outside of BCTC. There are a variety of clubs, agencies, employers, churches, companies, and/or other organizations which sponsor scholarships or similar opportunities for students in higher education. (Examples are Voc Rehab, Veteran Tuition Assistance, Employer Tuition Assistance, Tuition Scholarship/ Waiver, etc.)

Report Additional Financial Resources Online Form

Financial Verification

  1. Begin the verification process by logging into Student Self Service at this link using your Username and Password:
  2. Upon login, click the Tasks tile:
    screenshot featuring the Tasks tile
  3. If selected for Verification you will have the following task. Click anywhere on the task to open the task details pane
    screenshot of to-do list with verification worksheet selected
  4. Once inside the Task Details section, read the entire section carefully, then go back and click the blue text to open a new tab and begin submitting the Verification Worksheet.
    screenshot of task details
  5. You will be presented with another login screen. Re-enter your username and password here. Note that your email address is NOT your username. Your username should be like JDOE0001.
    screenshot of OnBase login screen
  6. Now read carefully and fill in the Verification Worksheet to match your situation.
    screenshot of financial aid verfication form
  7. At the end of the first page make sure to check the box and click the Continue button to proceed to page 2:
    screenshot of the Dependency Determination window
  8. Continue filling out the questions on Page 2, then sign your worksheet by typing your full name. You can now provide any needed attachments. If attachments are needed but you cannot provide them now, they will need to be completed later via your To Do List in PeopleSoft Student Self Service. Verification cannot be completed until all requested documents have been received. Please check your PeopleSoft To Do List often for messages regarding important actions you may be required to perform.
    screenshot of Financial Aid Verification FormOptional Attachments Page. If not provided at the time of Verification Worksheet submission, any required attachments will be listed as To Do List items in your PeopleSoft Self Service.
    screenshot of Verification Worksheet submissionDependent Students will receive an email at the address provided on Page 1 requiring you to print the email and complete the bottom section as indicated. Your parent must read the worksheet you submitted, then you and your parent must complete the parent signature form. Important: Upload the entire email signature page to us. The form you upload must contain the section that includes all the language beginning at Certifications and Signatures and must include the entire section that has been completed and signed IN INK by yourself and your parent. Failure to provide the required information will result in delays in processing your verification.
    screenshot of Certification and Signatures
    screenshot of example email with form

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