Open Computer Lab Usage Policies | BCTC

Open Computer Lab Usage Policies

Responsible Unit: Information Technology Services

  • Hours of operation will be posted outside the entrances to the Open Computer Labs. Information about the labs, including hours of operation may also be found on the Open Computer Lab page.
  • No food or drink is permitted in Open Computer Lab.
  • Lab personnel can assist students with access to computer applications but are unable to provide assistance with the application usage.
  • Instructors should be contacted for assistance with assignments.
  • Assignment support is also available through the BCTC Tutoring Center.
  • Students should routinely save their computer work throughout their lab visit. It is not possible to recover unsaved computer work.
  • Students should save their work to OneDrive and/or a flash drive.
  • Students are responsible for all belongings left at the computer station. Nothing should be left unattended.
  • The Open Computer Labs do not allow the printing of envelopes or on transparencies.
  • The use of headphones is required for audio. Disruptive noises including talking loudly, audio from speakers or cellular phone use are not permitted in the labs.
  • The Open Computer Labs follow a no tolerance policy to view pornography, nudity, and sexual content in the labs.
  • Unauthorized or irresponsible use of College computer, network, or other technology system resources as described in KCTCS Administrative Policy, 4.2.5 Information and Information Technology Responsible Use Policy.  KCTCS reserves the right to review and investigate activity of any sort on any machine or technology resource belonging to KCTCS, including reviewing email accounts, documents, hard drives, cloud-based accounts, or any other resource or method of use.