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College Course Offerings

Each college has the ability to decide which courses are offered as dual credit per SACSCOC. Courses that qualify are included in the dual credit course list, which is referenced in the MOA. Students only receive dual credit for courses on the list.

The college submits its dual credit course list to the KCTCS System Office by the priority registration deadline for the approaching semester so the courses can be programmed into PeopleSoft. Students can’t enroll in a course for dual credit until the school district has signed the Dual Credit MOA and the MOA has been submitted to the KCTCS System Office along with the course list. 

Additional courses can be submitted to the system office on a monthly basis until the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) Snapshot deadline for capturing the college’s official data. KCTCS will not accept any additions after the CPE Snapshot.  

Deadline Fall Semester Spring Semester
Priority Registration Deadline March 1 October 1
CPE Snapshot Deadline October 31 March 29


Adult Content

General education courses may have course content that is adult in nature. Course content can’t be modified in response to requests, but students and their parents or guardians are welcome to preview textbooks and course syllabi before the semester begins to see whether the class is appropriate for them.