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Credit for Prior Learning

Prior Learning Accelerates Credit Earning

You've lived your life, and you've learned a lot, so isn't it time to be rewarded for what you already know?

We realize that learning isn't limited to the inside of a classroom or to individuals of a certain age. Whether you've been working for years or you're a younger student ready to start your college experience, opportunities for receiving academic credit for college-level learning that you already know are possible.

Through the use of prior learning assessments, Bluegrass Community and Technical College can measure the college-level knowledge you've gained through your day-to-day life and offer you credit for that prior learning. Perhaps you:

  • Studied Spanish through an online course
  • Are a certified EMT
  • Own a long-standing business
  • Received specialized training through military service provided for our country

All of these experiences and more, and the learning associated with them, could allow you to earn college credit that will help you save money and complete your education in less time.

To begin your journey toward credit for prior learning, explore the various prior learning assessments honored by Bluegrass Community and Technical College by clicking on How Do I Earn Credit for Prior Learning? below and then speak to your advisor or our Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator to determine which options might be appropriate for you and your selected program area.

We are excited to help you explore prior learning and the immediate and long-term benefits it can have for your education! Let us help you Find Your Place!