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English as a Second Language (ESL)

BCTC provides classes and other assistance to those who need to improve their English language skills. If you are beginning to learn English, need to improve your English language skills in preparation to take college-level classes, or need other language assistance, BCTC is the place to start.

The Bluegrass Community and Technical College Adult Education program provides a variety of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. These free courses are offered throughout the year, and classes fill quickly. Schedule your assessment today.

To learn more about these FREE classes, please contact one of the following programs:

BCTC Adult Education Programs

If your first language is not English, we have academic ESL classes to improve your reading, writing, listening, & speaking skills. Classes are affordable and scheduled at different times of the day. These classes will prepare you for the English language demands of college classes.

We offer classes in: 

  • Academic writing and grammar
  • College reading and vocabulary
  • Listening and speaking 

Students work on skills such as: 

  • Writing essays
  • Reading college-level texts
  • Giving presentations 
  • Listening to lectures
  • Taking notes in the college classroom

These classes meet once or twice a week and last for a 16-week semester. Classes are three or four credit hours with morning and afternoon schedules.

Placement into the ESL classes comes from your Michigan English Placement Test (M-EPT) results. We provide the test for free on our Newtown campus.

For more information on improving your English language skills, you can call 859-246-6530 or email bl-liso@kctcs.edu. The BCTC Latinx and Immigrant Services Office has staff that speak Spanish, French and Swahili.

Placement and Enrollment

We offer classes from beginner to advanced. Students are placed into an appropriate level class by taking the Michigan English Placement Test (M-EPT) for reading, writing and listening and speaking. Schedule an appointment through BCTC Advising to take a placement test.

Faculty Contact

If you want more information about ESL classes at Bluegrass Community & Technical College, please feel free to contact any one of our faculty.

Ollie Rashid, ESL Coordinator
(859) 246-6893
Office: 500 Newtown Pike, Classroom Building, Suite 012-006

Dr. Jim Fenton
(859) 246-6364
Office: 500 Newtown Pike, Classroom Building, Suite 012, Office-B

Sarah Galvin
(859) 246-6350
Office: 500 Newtown Pike, Classroom Building, Suite 103, Office-F

Danni Quintos
(859) 246-6959
Office: 500 Newtown Pike, Classroom Building, Suite 104, Office-B

The Multicultural Global Learning Center (MGLC) serves BCTC’s immigrant, international and emerging multilingual students. MGLC also provides leadership and support for global initiatives. The Center has staff that speaks Spanish, French and Swahili.

For more information about services offered by the Multicultural Global Learning Center, you may email bl-global@kctcs.edu or call (859) 246-6530.