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List of Divisions

Academics Support

Area Contact Program Information

Adult Education
David Sturgill 

Newtown North Campus
Adult Education Building Room 126
(859) 246-6896

Adult Education

Courtney Jordan

(859) 246-6409


Advanced Manufacturing

Area Contact Program Information

Marly Earlywine
Assistant Dean
(859) 246-6647

Nikki Chowning
Office Manager
200 Technology Ct.
Georgetown, KY 40324
(859) 246-6814

Computerized Manufacturing & Machining

Engineering and Electronics Technology

Industrial Maintenance Technology

Allied Health

In support of the BCTC mission, the Allied Health Division provides an inclusive student-centered learning community that provides open access to excellence in teaching and learning. Specifically, the Division strives to enhance students' scientific literacy and intellectual capacity so that they may compete effectively in their chosen field. Students and faculty are engaged with one another as active participants in this education process through courses designed to advance students' communication, critical thinking, computer, and analytical skills as well as prepare the students for specific careers.

Upon successful completion, the Division offers credentials including Associate in Applied Science Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates in career oriented programs. With continually upgraded facilities and a supportive faculty, students will be best prepared to grow professionally and to intelligently address the health and scientific issues that will have an impact on the Commonwealth in the future.

Business, Computer and Information Systems

Area Contact Program Information

Lauren Campbell
Assistant Dean
Newtown, Classroom Building room 311-T
(859) 246-6264

Ginger Porter
Office Manager
Newtown, Classroom Building rooms 311 and 213
(859) 246-6283

Accounting and Economics

Administrative Office Technology

Business Administration

Computer Engineering Technology

Computer & Information Technologies

Filmmaking and Cinematic Arts

Graphic Design

Library Information Technology

Supply Chain Management

Communications, History, Languages, and Social Sciences

Area Contact Program Information

Holly Clifford
Assistant Dean
Newtown Campus, NCB 311-D
(859) 246-6244

Douglas Elery
Division Office Manager
Newtown Campus, SEC 205
(859) 246-6964



Social Work

Human Services


Political Science




Family Studies

Foreign Language

Religious Studies


Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Criminal Justice


Welcome to the Humanities Division at Bluegrass Community and Technical College!

What are the humanities?  Best described, the humanities is the study of how people process and document the human experience. Since humans have been able, we have used art, language and literature, music, and philosophy to understand and record our world. These records of human experience give us the opportunity to connect to those who have come before us as well as to our contemporaries.

The Humanities Division offers various courses in art and art history (ART), creative writing, non-fiction writing, English composition, literature (ENG and HUM), English as a second language (ESL), music (MUS), philosophy (PHI), theatre arts (THA), and women's and gender studies (WGS). For those who need additional assistance with fundamental skills, the Humanities division also offers developmental courses in reading (RDG) and writing (ENC and IRW).

In addition, the division offers Achieving Academic Success (FYE 105), a course specifically designed to prepare adult learners to meet the needs of college-level courses while empowering them to succeed both personally and professionally.

"I want to support the whole idea of the humanities and teaching the humanities as being something that-even if it can't be quantitatively measured as other subjects-it's as fundamental to all education."

Tom Stoppard, Playwright

Area Contact Program Information

Kathy Swango
Assistant Dean
Newtown Campus, Classroom Building Room 311-H
(859) 246-6695

Danitra Wallace
Division Office Manager
Cooper, Academic and Technical Building room 101
(859) 246-6509

Associate in Arts


Mathematics and Statistics

Visit the Mathematics and Statistics Division Website for all services and courses BCTC offers.

Area Contact Program Information

Vicki Partin
Assistant Dean
(859) 246-6414

Mathematics and Statistics

Natural Sciences

Area Contact Program Information

Dr. Kevin Hopper
Assistant Dean of Natural Sciences
Newton, Science Education Center 205-M
(859) 246-6454

Associate in Science


Environmental Science Technology

Outreach and Research

Natural Sciences Research Opportunities


Area Contact Program Information

Dr. Connie Lamb
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Director of Nursing
Leestown, Building M Room 131
(859) 246-6792

Pre-Nursing Academic Advising

Associate Degree Nursing Program (ADN)

Sarah Bond
ADN Program Coordinator (Leestown)
Leestown Campus, Bldg. M, Room 132B
(859) 246-6424

Dixie Webb
ADN Program Coordinator (Lawrenceburg)
Lawrenceburg, Room 111
(859) 246-6818

Susan Hedgecock
ADN Program Coordinator (Winchester)
(859) 246-6827

Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

Practical Nursing Program (PN)

Holly Matthews
PN Program Coordinator (Leestown)
(859) 246-6352

Melanie Sallee
PN Program Coordinator (Danville)

Practical Nursing (PN)

Nurse Aide Program

Julie Venables, ADN, RN
Nurse Aide/KY Medication Aide Coordinator
Leestown Campus, Bldg. A Room A259
(859) 246-6489

Nurse Aide Testing
(859) 246-6733

Medicaid Nurse Aide

Skilled Trades

Area Contact Program Information

Jeff Herrin
Assistant Dean
Leestown Campus Building M Room 112
(859) 246-6856

Nikki Chowning
Office Manager
200 Technology Ct.
Georgetown, KY 40324
(859) 246-6814

Automotive Technology

Air Conditioning Technology

Architectural Technology

CADD - Computer Aided Drafting Design

Civil Engineering

Construction Technology

Diesel Technology

Electrical Technology

Equine Studies

Orthotic and Prosthetic Technology

Welding Technology