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Black Faculty Alliance (BFA)

Black Faculty Alliance members


The Black Faculty Alliance (BFA) serves as a source of support for all Black faculty at Bluegrass Community & Technical College. BFA strives to promote a culture that stresses upward mobility and advancement and Black faculty retention by creating an environment that enables networking, collaboration and mentorship, and by promoting a tradition of lifelong learning as part of professional development. BFA encourages cooperative and interactive relationships with all members of the BCTC community and seeks to address the individual and collective concerns of Black faculty. The Black Faculty Alliance holds a commitment to serving as a role model and support network for BCTC’s student bodies. The Black Faculty Alliance may provide valuable input to academics for Black faculty recruitment and retention.

Black Faculty Alliance members welcome students to study hall


BFA members tutoring students during finals week.


  • To educate the wider community college on issues that affect Black students and faculty
  • To create a space where Black faculty concerns can be expressed and necessary help provided
  • To provide resources and support that can address the concerns that Black students and faculty report



Ty Sturdivant

Business Administration

Associate Professor/ Program Coordinator


Vice Chair

Tanya Johnson

Skills U English as Second Language

Assistant Professor



Ethan Coats




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