Board of Directors Meeting June 14, 2023 | BCTC

Board of Directors Meeting June 14, 2023


BCTC Leestown Campus, Building C, Room 136
164 Opportunity Way
Lexington, KY 40511

5:30 p.m.


  1. Welcome/Introductions - Robert McNulty, Board Vice-Chair
  2. Business Meeting - Robert McNulty
    1. Approval of Minutes, March 1, 2023
    2. FYE 2024 Budget Committee Report
    3. President’s Evaluation Update
  3. Information/Discussion
    1. President’s Report - Dr. Koffi Akakpo
    2. Strategic Plan Progress Report - Melinda LeMaster, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
    3. Budget and Financial Review – FYE 2023 - Lisa Bell
    4. Enrollment Report - Dr. Greg Feeney
    5. Foundation Report - Mark Manuel
    6. Diversity Equity & Inclusion Report - Dr. Carlous Yates
    7. HR/Organizational Development Report
  4. Announcements - Robert McNulty
  5. Adjourn - Robert McNulty


Members Present

  • Robert McNulty, Vice ChairDr.
  • Koffi Akakpo, President & CEO
  • Dr. Joshua Hoekstra, Secretary and Faculty Representative (virtual attendance)
  • Jacob Allen, Staff Representative
  • Alix McCord, Student Representative
  • Olivia Scholz (virtual attendance)
  • Thomas Stephens (virtual attendance)
  • Theodore Vittos (virtual attendance)
  • Richard Webb

Members Absent

  • Sannie OverlyRon
  • Walker, Jr., Board Chair

Staff Present

  • Lisa Bell, VP, Finance and OperationsDr. Greg Feeney, Provost
  • Jane Gemberling, SAA, Advancement
  • Ross Johnson, Instructional Media
  • Melinda Lemaster, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Mark Manuel, VP, Advancement
  • Raeanne Powers, Professional & Organizational Development Manager
  • Dr. Carlous Yates, AVP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Staff Absent

  • Deborrah Catlett, AVP, Human Resources & Professional Development

I. Welcome / Introductions

Board Vice Chair Bob McNulty called the June 14, 2023, meeting of the Bluegrass Community & Technical College Board of Directors to order at 6:01 p.m. The June meeting was held in person at the Leestown Campus, 164 Opportunity Way, Lexington, KY, and via Teams. Mr. McNulty requested everyone in attendance to introduce themselves and it was determined that a quorum was present. 

II. Business Meeting

Mr. McNulty called for a motion to approve the minutes from the March 1, 2023, meeting of the BCTC Board of Directors. Richard Webb made a motion to approve the minutes and Jacob Allen seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
On behalf of Olivia Scholz, Budget Committee Chair, Lisa Bell presented the FYE 2024 Budget Committee Report. The budget was prepared based upon: (1) a zero dollar increase in student tuition; (2) a $1,000 flat per full-time employee pay raise; and (3) a decrease of $53,000 of the performance funding metrics. After a detailed review of the budget, the Committee voted to recommend that the budget be approved and submitted to KCTCS as read and as printed. Committee member Thomas Stephens brought the motion to the Board for approval and Richard Webb seconded the motion. With no further discussion, the motion to approve the FYE 2024 budget for submission to KCTCS as read and as printed passed unanimously. Note: The KCTCS Board of Regents had not decided on student tuition rates or employee compensation as of the date the budget was due to System Office.
Mr. McNulty reported that he and Committee members Ron Walker, Jr., and Richard Webb met and went through Dr. Akakpo’s evaluation in detail. To maintain the confidentiality of this matter, Mr. McNulty shared that Dr. Akakpo’s evaluation has been forwarded to KCTCS.

III. Information/Discussion

  1. Dr. Akakpo thanked the Board for their support over the past four and a half years and expressed enthusiasm for the next steps for BCTC and the potential for future joint endeavors with KSU.
  2. Enrollment last summer was up 11%. Based on that statistic, enrollment was anticipated to be up another 5-10% at the same time this year. As of June 14, enrollment is up 12.1%.
  3. The number of credential-seeking students has increased from last year at this time to this year.
  4. Fall enrollment is trending upward. Last fall enrollment ended up 6.7%. As of today, fall enrollment is up by 495 students which is a 9.9% increase over last year.
  1. Melinda Lemaster, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, gave a presentation of the 2022-26 BCTC Strategic Plan. This is the end of the first year so data is still being collected, but this information will serve as a base for comparison over the next three years.
  2. The Strategic Plan has four goals: (1) Access; (2) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; (3) Success; and (4) Resources. Specific initiatives for each goal were shared and specific actions to achieve those initiatives were explained.

Goal 1: Access

    1. Objective 1.1 – Improve access through targeted initiatives.
    2. Objective 1.2 – Increase student enrollment by demonstrating BCTC’s accessibility through non-academic wrap-around services.
      • Information about student impact was shared regarding The HEART, the Library Services – Laptop & Digital Technology Loan Program, Personal Counseling.
      • Key Performance Indicator graphs showed the increase in BCTC Academic Year Enrollment from 2018 to 2023 (from 13,350 to 14,870); a breakdown of the increase in Dual Credit Enrollment (from 1,315 to 3,622) and decrease in Credential-Seeking Enrollment (from 10,247 to 9,766); and a comparison of the increase in under-represented minority (URM) students (from 2,946 to 3,800) and non-URM students (from 10,210 to 10,822).
    3. Objective 1.3 – Increase the number of programs and initiatives focused on equitable access and customized workforce training through community and industry initiatives.
      • Key Performance Indicator graphs showed in increase in (credit only) Workforce/Business & Industry Training Enrollment (from 93 in fall 2021 to 106 in fall 2022, and 50 in spring 2022 to 201 in spring 2023); and an increase from AY21-22 to AY22-23 in Credits for Prior Learning and Students (from 2,316 credits for 134 students to 3,601 for 150 students).

Goal 2: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    1. Objective 2.1 – Improve connection and sense of belonging for students, faculty and staff.
    2. Objective 2.2 – Identify and address barriers in recruiting and onboarding underrepresented and underserved students.
      • Key Performance Indicator graph showed an increase in the percentage of URM students enrolled from AY21-22 to AY22-23 in the following Selective Admissions Programs: Automotive, Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Technology, DM Sonography and Nursing.
    3. Objective 2.3 – Grow all employees’ cultural competency and empower employees to incorporate DEI principles into their work.
    4. Objective 2.4 – Increase the number of diverse and skilled faculty and staff employed at BCTC by 2026.

Goal 3: Success

    1. Objective 3.1 – Improve student retention through targeted academic support and student services.
    2. Objective 3.2 – Improve faculty and staff usage of available tools to advance student success.
    3. Objective 3.3 – Increase college and career readiness throughout the student population by 2026.

Goal 4: Resources

    1. Objective 4.1 – Pursue grant and fundraising opportunities to support targeted student populations and initiatives.
      • Total College and Foundation grant awards: AY21-22 - $9,707,040; AY22-23 - $12,076,550.
      • Bluegrass Institutional Balance Amount of Total Unrestricted Fund Balance has increased from $14,579,700 in FY18-19 to $30,461,000 in FY21-22.
    2. Objective 4.2 – Maximize college resources to promote efficient operations throughout the college.
    3. Objective 4.3 – Improve participation in professional development and bolster targeted training.
    4. Objective 4.4 – Be a great place to work.
  1. Lisa Bell gave a general update of the FY 2023 Budget Reports, Budget Narrative, Yearly Comparison, as well as Current Year Visuals, Revenue, and Expenses
    1. The commission on bookstore sales to date is $290,614.00 (budget is $309,000.00).
    2. Expense reminders: HEERF grant funds were received in FYE 2022, which is reflected in the FYE 2023 and FYE 2022 Revenues & Expenditures Comparison; offset in expenses decreased expenses in FY22; additional fund balance was budgeted for capital expenditures in FY23.
    3. Revenues are up and we have exceeded revenue budget estimates.
    4. Budget submitted for FYE2024 included fund balance designated for capital projects and improvements.
    5. When reflecting on the pandemic, BCTC received $38.4 million in HEERF grant funds: $15.2 million went directly to students, $23.2 million was for institutional expenses ($4.1 million was reimbursed to BCTC in FYE22; $11.1 million was reimbursed in FYE2021). All HEERF grant funds have been expended.
  2. Mindy Huang, Budget Director, is retiring after 22 years of service. Her expertise is greatly appreciated and will be missed.
  3. Ms. Bell recognized the following awards for her staff from the 2023 End of Year Celebration: Ross Johnson for the Support Staff Award of Excellence; Ray Mizell for the Administrative Staff Award of Excellence; Allison Maupin for the Eva Bellamy-Linda Faul Staff Award; and IT Technical Services team for the Mike McMillen Team Award.
  4. Mr. McNulty expressed appreciation for the assistance that all staff provide and especially thanked Ross Johnson for sharing his expertise.

Dr. Feeney presented additional information about the Enrollment report.

  1. In addition to general recruitment, ongoing outreach efforts include general and population-focused call campaigns and texting campaigns.
  2. Efforts are focused on engaging students who have been previously enrolled.
  3. The significant increase in Dual Credit enrollment at all BCTC campuses was discussed. Also discussed was the increased workload that has occurred due to SB150 – this has affected staffing at BCTC and all dual credit high schools

Mark Manuel shared a general update on the Endowments for FY2023, the Annual Giving campaign, completed and upcoming events, and Grants.

  1. The endowment has increased by $525,000 in FY2023 with a current total of $4.45 million.
  2. Goal of the Annual Giving campaign is to grow more donors.
  3. Board was invited to participate in and/or promote the Fall Golf Scramble.
  4. BCTC has been awarded $13.2 million in grants during FY2023 with $2.4 million since the last Board meeting. The Foundation has been awarded $32,687 with $16,800 since the last Board meeting.
  5. Mr. Manuel recognized Richard Webb for his service on the BCTC Foundation Board.

Mr. McNulty reminded the Board of the importance of giving to the Foundation.

Dr. Yates shared updates on programs and events in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.

  1. The BCTC Safe Space training is live and has been well received by BCTC employees. After learning that it is available, employees from several of the other colleges in the KCTCS system have also taken the training.
  2. The 2021/2022 Diversity Assessment Report for Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education was reviewed with emphasis on explaining the factors contributing to the quantitative measures score and steps being taken to improve that score.
  3. Women in History Month was commemorated with Bystander Intervention Training in partnership with Green Dot Lexington and the BCTC Counseling Center.
  4. The KY-WV LSAMP program was explained and BCTC student participation was celebrated.
  5. BCTC was well-represented at the Kentucky Association of Blacks in Higher Education. BCTC student Fayth Howard was awarded the Dr. Kimberly Merritt Scholarship during the event.
  6. The LGBTQ+ Conference was postponed due to weather and occurred on April 14. Over 150 attendees participated either in-person or online. BCTC has been awarded $3,700 from JustFundKY toward next year’s conference.
  7. In partnership with Fayette County Health Department, free HIV testing has been offered monthly on the Newtown campus.
  8. The Achievement in Motion (AIM) Mentoring Program offered participants the opportunity to attend a leadership retreat with curriculum created by the program mentors and advisors and presented by BCTC.
  9. A brief update and photos from the BCTC & EWC South Africa Study Abroad trip were shared.

Raeanne Powers, Professional and Organizational Development Manager, shared the update for Human Resources.

  1. Changes in the hiring process were highlighted, including the impact the changes have made on diversity hiring.
  2. Improvements to the processes and guidelines for the Tuition Reimbursement program have resulted in an increase of 250% in active participation since December of 2021.
  3. The first Wellness Week resulted in over 100 participants and was possible because of partnerships with Fidelity, YMCA, Fayette County Health Department and BCTC Academics.
  4. The End of Year Recognition Program was attended by over 200 employees and recognized 39 employees for their years of service, celebrated 7 retirees, and awarded over 20 employees for their accomplishments during the last year.

IV.  Announcements

Mr. McNulty reminded the Board that the next meeting will be held on September 13. Mark Manuel invited the Board to a farewell celebration for Dr. Akakpo on June 27.

V. Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was made by Richard Webb and seconded by Jacob Allen. The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 7:22 p.m.