Free Speech Statement | BCTC

Free Speech Statement

Bluegrass Community & Technical College (BCTC) supports free expression and exchange of ideas on campus. We ask that this be done within the policies and procedures that respect diversity and inclusion, and uphold campus safety.

To accomplish this purpose, BCTC and the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) have established policies and procedures regarding free speech expression. By adhering to these guidelines, we create an environment where we all can thrive.

Student or Public Demonstrations 

Student or public demonstrations are encouraged to take place in areas designated for this purpose, but demonstrations are not allowed to be restricted to free speech zones. Any outdoor portions of campus are statutorily available for free speech activities as long as those activities do not:

  • Interfere with the normal operations of the college.
  • Deny access to an office, building, or other college facility.
  • Threaten physical harm to persons or damage to college facilities.
  • Disturb the campus or community through disorderly conduct.

If speech or behavior becomes disruptive to the work or learning environment, BCTC and KCTCS may be able to take corrective actions under its policies.

Posting Messages

When it comes social media, email, wearing messaging or posting messaging, unfortunately some offensive, hateful, bigoted, racist, sexist, and other obscene or profane language may not necessarily violate KCTCS policy which is guided by state/federal law. Thus, in some cases, these messages may not be removed by the college. However, as rights provided by the U.S. Constitution are exercised, civility, tolerance, openness and diversity of thought are the BCTC values, and we encourage all to express points of view respectfully and politely.

Social Media and Email

Those who are associated with BCTC should take care not to create the impression that personal opinions are those of BCTC or KCTCS. Not including identification as BCTC student or employee, including job titles, in personal social media posts and refraining from expressing personal opinions in official communications (such as emails from a email address or in a document printed on official letterhead) is advised.

Bulletin Boards and Parking Lots

In addition, public bulletin boards are open forums where any type of message may be posted as long as it is not illegal (no threats to specific persons or groups, nudity, or advertisements for illegal activity such as drugs). Bulletins from a public bulletin board may not be removed simply because of a disagreement with the content. Bulletins may only be posted on designated public bulletin boards.

If fliers are placed on vehicles in the parking lot, Security can ask the distributor to stop and request that they remove any they have already posted.