Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness


The Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness (IPRE) serves to advance the mission of Bluegrass Community and Technical College through:

  • strategic planning;
  • collection, analysis, and reporting of institutional data;
  • assessment and evaluation of programs and services.

IPRE provides information to enable data-based decision making with the purpose of increasing student success and institutional quality.


Fast Facts

Fall 2022 Enrollment and 2022-2023 Credentials Awarded

Description Value
Total Enrollment 10,323
FTE (TTL Credit Hours / 15) 6,024
Enrollment by Academic Load
Academic Load N %
Full-Time 3,680 35.6%
Part-Time 6,643 64.4%
Enrollment by Gender
Gender N %
Female 6,043 58.5%
Male 4,150 40.2%
Unknown 130 1.3%
Enrollment by Classification
Classification N %
Freshman 3,283 31.8%
Sophomore 4,146 40.2%
Non-Degree 341 3.3%
High School 2,548 24.7%
Auditor 5 0.0%
Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity
Ethnicity N %
American Indian 17 0.2%
Asian 260 2.5%
African American 1,228 11.9%
Hispanic 954 9.2%
Native Hawaiian 12 0.1%
Non-Resident Alien 10 0.1%
Two or More Races 462 4.5%
Unknown 130 1.3%
White/Caucasian 7,250 70.2%
2022-2023 Credentials Awarded
Credential N %
AA/AS 711 14.8%
AAS 736 15.3%
AFA 7 0.1%
Diploma 197 4.1%
Certificate 3157 65.7%
TOTAL 4,808 -

Surveys and Reports


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Access Annual Data Feedback Reports through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) website (new window).

For surveys and reports from previous years, contact BCTC's Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness.

Planning and Assessment calendar

Strategic Planning, Annual Priorities, Annual Plans, Program Health Reviews, Student Learning Outcomes, Performance Planning & Evaluation (PPE)

Updated September 22, 2020


  • Annual priorities set by LET.
  • Units develop annual plans and document in AIM (related to Strategic Plan and Annual Priorities).
  • Employees and Supervisors develop PPE's (related to Unit Annual Plans).
  • 30: Student Learning Outcomes for Technical Programs documented in AIM.
  • Unit annual plans - supervisors review in AIM.
  • Program Health Reviews for technical programs - IPRE compiles data in AIM.


  • Program Health Reviews - coordinators review data and add information in AIM.


  • Program Health Reviews - Coordinators add summary and comments in AIM.
  • Mid-year review of PPE's (optional).


  • Program Health Reviews - Assistant Deans begin adding comments in AIM.
  • Mid-year review of unit annual plans by coordinators (optional).


  • Program Health Reviews - Assistance Deans finalize comments in AIM; Academic Deans begin adding comments in AIM.
  • Annual priorities - progress reviewed by LET.


  • 28: Program Health Reviews - Academic Deans finalize comments in AIM.


  • Program Health Reviews - VP begins adding comments in AIM and identifying any programs for additional review.


  • APT Planning retreat - review progress on Annual Priorities for current year; plan for next year.
  • Program Health Reviews - programs in current year cycle submit data to KCTCS/CPE (dates subject to change by CPE/KCTCS).
  • Complete PPE's; send signed original to HR


  • Develop Annual Priorities outcomes report - LET, IPRE.
  • 31: Document results on Student Learning Outcomes in AIM.
  • 31: Document outcomes on unit annual plans in AIM.
  • Planning for next year's unit annual plans and PPE's.


  • 30: Program Health Reviews - VP finalizes comments in AIM and list of programs for additional review (if applicable).

September - October

  • Strategic Plan Progress Report completed by IPRE.