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Safety and Security

Creating a safe and comfortable learning and work environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors is of utmost concern at Bluegrass Community & Technical College. We accomplish this through the Safety Notification Alert Process (SNAP) and security personnel at each campus.

In case of an emergency, ** DIAL 911 FIRST ** Then reference numbers below.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Updated April 17, 2024

Location Contact Information
Associate VP Facilities & Operations

Jeff Bennett

  • Office: (859) 246-6858
  • Cell: (859) 619-0278
Safety & Security Manager Scott Coleman
  • Office: (859) 246-6422
  • Cell: (859) 753-8446

Henry Wilson

  • Security Office (Cooper): (859) 246-6794
  • Cell: (859) 699-9891
  • Evenings/Weekends: (859) 699-9891

Hilda Ampadu

  • Security Office (Leestown): (859) 246-6834
  • Cell: (859) 227-6705
  • Evenings/Weekends: (859) 684-3041

Officer Rob Carmichael

  • Security Office (Newtown): (859) 246-6659
  • Cell: (859) 270-3941
  • Evenings/Weekends:
    • (859) 753-8881
    • (859) 327-7843

Rubin Mosley

  • Security Office (Danville): (859) 246-6877
  • Cell: (859) 227-9854
  • Evenings/Weekends: (859) 324-9441
  • Security Office (Georgetown): (859) 246-6356
  • Cell: (603) 603-9157
  • Evenings/Weekends: (502) 370-6405

Officer Steve Clark

  • Security Office (Lawrenceburg): (859) 246-6815
  • Cell: (859) 227-7982
  • Evenings/Weekends: (502) 517-6785
  • Security Office (Winchester): (859) 246-6573
  • Cell: (859) 490-1436
  • Evenings/Weekends: (859) 595-8926

Stay Informed

Safety and Security Committee Meeting Minutes

Safety and Security Committee Meeting
October 30, 2020, 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Cooper Campus

Review Previous Meeting Agenda and Minutes No changes recommended.  

Status of Updated Policies and Procedures:

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Plan
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan – Office Shelly Larrabee
  • Crisis Management Response Plan
  • Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)*
  • Hazardous Waste Management Plan
  • Safety and Security Manual (Cooper Campus)

*Not on the BCTC website

Ashley Jent is now in this role Approve at next meeting

COVID-19 Discussion

  • Current Cases Update
  • Reporting of Cases
  • PPE
  • Mask Enforcement
  • Check-In Stations – Allied Security
  • BCTC COVID Staff Additions
  • Ideas for Improvement
148 student positives/12 employee
positives-Many of these have not been on campus. No threat to others Fayette County only numbers are reported to the Fayette County Health Department. KCTCS reporting is not perfectly accurate, because of a span of time some cases may not be captured.
Great supply of PPE Only 1 person has refused (students doing a great job with this and with ‘eating’ on campus. Going well with temperature checks- masks available as needed.
Shay Shepherd on-campus grounds person assuring all compliances are in place.
Kelley Gaither – assisting with purchasing, EBA-8s, and reports
Ali suggested everyone email Beecher with any ideas to help with students.
We are looking at these over the next 2 weeks. Covid numbers are up in Ky. Any updates will be provided by 11/13/20.

Discussion Topics

  • Security Camera Upgrades (Update)
  • Door Access Upgrades (Update)
  • Emergency Call Box Upgrades (Update)
Andy Anderson has worked hard on this. We are waiting to hear back from a PO regarding the Lawrenceburg Campus. By Spring semester hopefully all of Cooper, Danville, and Lawrenceburg upgrades will be complete.
All are now working well except 4 doors at Leestown. We are doing upgrades now. Lock down can now be done easily and quickly.
ER call box upgrades at Newtown; A PO is forthcoming. Corey Howard and Ray Forsythe are working with a water sealant company. Only one call box is currently inoperable, but they are working on this. Using these boxes, someone can just push a button on the box, and they will be automatically connected to 911!

Open Discussion

  Clery Act-Scott reported that this has been pushed back for now. He will begin working on this report and update before our holiday break.
Spring semester changes – All going well
– Dr. Akakpo is continuing to work on what we need to do to keep everyone safe. Deb Catlett mentioned she is proud of what we have done as a college to keep
everyone healthy and safe.
Set Date for Next Meeting & Adjourn Next meeting – 2/26/21  


Safety and Security Committee Meeting

Friday, November 22, 2019
1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Cooper-O8210

  • Review Previous Meeting Agenda & Minutes
    Minutes from the previous meeting were approved without discussion.
  • Status of Updated Policies and Procedures:
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Plan
    • Chemical Hygiene Plan - Officer Shelly Larrabee
    • Crisis Management Response Plan
    • Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)*
    • Hazardous Waste Management Plan
    • Safety and Security Manual (Cooper Campus)
    • Not on the BCTC website
      All plans have been updated and are now on the BCTC safety and security plans and procedures webpage. A tab for Hazardous Waste has been added. The EOP is not a public facing document. It will be shared with the appropriate parties.
  • Safety - Security Training & Communication Efforts:
    • Emergency Procedures Training (Scott & Beecher)
      Scott and Beecher discussed emergency procedures outlined on the same document being used for all faculty and staff.
    • Monthly Safety - Security Highlights email
      Brief discussion of items for improvement, this monthly letter will continue.
    • Frequent contact with LPD
      Officer Thurman (LPD Resource Officer) is continuing to patrol the Newtown campus on a frequent basis.
    • Creating new Safety - Security Postings for all Campuses Beecher is working on this and plans to be completed for the beginning of the Spring semester.
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Security Camera Upgrades (Update)
      Installation of physical hardware (Delta) is to begin at Newtown on 12/02/19. All campuses are expected to be completed by 06/31/20. Software installation is complete at all extended campuses and the Lexington campuses are in progress. New Security Officer Workstations have been ordered.
    • Door Access Upgrades (Update)
      Alpha Mechanical began their upgrade project on 11/18/19 at the Newtown campus. Updates will be provided as they progress.
    • Emergency Call Box Upgrades (Update)
      Delta will begin upgrades to this system on 12/02/19. Beecher displayed visuals of the changes that will b occurring and there was a brief discussion on the changes in callbox locations.
    • Set date for next meeting
      The next meeting will occur on 02/28/20, Cooper 08210, 1-2pm.
  • Open Discussion & Adjourn

Safety and Security Committee Meeting

Friday, October 26, 2018
1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Cooper – OB-210


  • Lisa Bell 
  • Scott Coleman 
  • Janie Thompson
  • Deb Catlett Michelle Sjogren Mike Ball
  • Mark Manuel
  • James Chambers Wayne Cowan
  • Lou Ann Sunley Nate Arnold


  • Review Agenda & Minutes (last month’s minutes will be revised)
  • Assignments – Update on
    • Review Integrated Safety & Security Manual – Wayne emailed the link. Please review and send changes to Lisa (cc Wayne) by 11/16/2018. This will allow time for review prior to the November Committee Meeting.
    • Mike Ball has already reviewed and suggested that the section on Page 9 may not need to remain in this “Safety & Security Manual.”
    • Identify Training Topics and Agenda Items – How do we respond in a situation…..1) Do not film. 2) Give proper spacing…3) Keep students in classrooms to avoid a crowd.
  • Committee Charge (Partial List)
    • Annually review and revise as needed, college plans related to safety and security.
    • Review crime and security reports for all campuses.
      • Security Report – Scott gave the Committee updates
      • Minger/Clery – Scott gave updates..showed online reports. We do take safety and security of our students seriously. Scott took the time to explain an update to all of us regarding the Clery Report he previously turned in. This report was required to include all numbers from U.K. because we have Bluegrass students living in all except 2 dorms at U.K. Moving forward (and as a review/revision to this year’s numbers) he
        may only need to report crimes on this report that happen in a room or common area on U.K.’s campus, excluding the dorms. This will make a big difference in the numbers we are reporting. Michelle mentioned that knowing this information
        will be helpful to her should she have social media questions from parents and/or students regarding our high crime numbers. She will be able to explain that we are also required to report numbers from U.K. and that these are not usually associated with actual BCTC incidents. At anytime anyone may submit a request for an Open Records report. Scott has this information available for all to see if requested. Lisa mentioned there are laws regarding specific reporting boundaries for us to follow.
        Lisa asked if the law will allow for reviews of 2015 and 2016 years as well. Scott will check on this question.
        James Chambers reported that he has noticed a gap from U.K. in sending reports to him. He is working with U.K. on this now.
  • PART Committee – This Committee will be meeting soon.
    • Timely Warnings – In what incidents would we want to notify
      employees and students of….The incident must be serious in nature, imposing an ongoing/continuing threat.
    • Lisa asked ‘how should we notify students?’ First, is the issue SNAP/Email worthy? We may email to all. There are times when
      perhaps a ‘sign on the door’ is sufficient, but this may not be the case always. We also discussed that when an alert of any kind is issued, it should always be followed by an “all-clear’ notice.
    • Implement preventive efforts and communications to maintain awareness and interest in safety.
      • Crisis Management Team – participation imperative – Nate will convene this Team meeting at the Cooper Campus. Each campus has their own Crisis Management Team.
      • See Something/Say Something –This is something we will do as a college. Faculty are the key here. They know their students.
        • Anderson County High School Recent Solution
        • Disruptive Student Example – James Chambers explained the Campus Save Act. He also explained that racism is on the rise this semester here at Bluegrass. He is dealing with many things within our student population. We discussed an example of how the case of a disruptive student was resolved in a safe and calm way utilizing our staff and faculty here at the
          Cooper Campus. Our safety and security efforts will need to center around education and awareness.
          From this incident, Jenny Jones, James Chambers, and a counselor did address the class explaining the seriousness of the matter and how important it is in this instance that the class seek help and refrain from filming/videoing the incident. This will be a topic later within training sessions.
          • Deb also mentioned that the number of social media reports escalated after this incident. To close the loop on some instances, Jane or Deb from HR should be involved. HR probably had 4 or 5 social media complaints. For all employee related instances, Jane Goatley, HR, is our Title IX representative James Chambers is our Title IX representative for students.
          • Michelle Sjogren asked that our PR/Marketing Department be given a heads up regarding any issues they might receive calls about from parents and/or students. Specific information doesn’t need to be shared; just enough to allow them to answer questions appropriately either from calls or social media.
    • Assist in providing for training and professional development on safety and security strategies…Our safety and security efforts do center around education and awareness training, allowing open access.
      • Safety and Security Efforts
        • Education and Awareness
          • Safety & Security Training Calendar
            • BCTC Situational Awareness Training
            • KCTCS/Safe Colleges Training
          • Future Training - Ground work for this is at the System Office now. By 11/16 please send a list of future Agenda items you’d like to discuss to Lisa.
            • Needs Topics – see assignment-talk before end of fiscal year.
            • Active Shooter
              1. What is it? What to do?
              2. What do we learn?
              3. What should we implement?
              4. Lock down drill (practice)
  • Notification Systems
    • SNAP – If there is an emergency please try to call ‘911’ from a desk phone. This will alert security immediately where the emergency is.
    • Speakers in Hallways/VOIP Telephones
    • ER Call Boxes at Newtown
  • Next meeting: 11/30/2018 1:00 p.m.

Safety and Security Committee Meeting

Friday, September 28, 2018
1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Cooper – OB-210


  • Lisa Bell 
  • Scott Coleman 
  • Janie Thompson 
  • Mike Ball
  • Shelley Newman Larabee
  • Deb Catlett
  • Michelle Sjogren
  • Ray Forsythe
  • Mark Manuel
  • Adrienne Todd
  • Wayne Cowan
  • Kay Brewer
  • Laura Parrish
  • James Chambers
  • Lou Ann Sunley
  • Nate Arnold


  • Review Agenda
  • Crisis – any unplanned event that can cause deaths or significant harm to employees, students or the public or that can shut down business, disrupt operations, cause physical or environmental damager, or threaten the
    institution’s financial standing or public image.
  • Emergency/crisis management – an ongoing process of planning for and responding effectively to the occurrence of an unplanned event. The process consists of the following four phases: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
  • Committee Charge and Sub Committees – Lisa Bell
    • Safety and Security - preparedness
    • C.M.T. – Crisis Management Team – responsible for getting everyone out of the building during a crisis.
    • P.A.R.T. – Prevention, Assessment, and Response Team – LET, President, Communications Office
      All of these ‘sub committees’ are combined with the Safety and Security Committee, including the same charge.
  • Plans – All are on our BCTC website
    • Crisis Management Response Plan – If your name is not on this list (given at our meeting) and you would like to be a part of this plan, please let Scott Coleman know. He will be able to include you. This year reviews of supplies for this Team will be completed to perhaps include an updated “Binder of all Plans” to members. It should include an updated list, a bull horn, a backpack with supplies (crisis supplies). Scott explained that we now have much better communication ability with the cell phones and radios we have
      available on all of our campuses with Safety and Security folks. They can communicate with one another throughout the day very easily.
    • Safety and Security Manual (Cooper Campus) – Resides under U.K.
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Plan – Officer Nancy Bronner
    • Chemical Hygiene Plan – Officer Shelley Larabee
    • Hazardous Waste Management Plan – Scott Coleman
    • Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) – Overall KCTCS Plan with specifics to each college. This Plan is not on the internet at this time, but we will get it posted online so this Group will be able to review and update for Bluegrass.
  • Education and Awareness – comprehensive training calendar – A training calendar will be posted soon – Scott is doing ‘situational awareness
    training.’ There is a “Run, Hide, Fight” video online for any of us to review at anytime. We discussed putting this ‘video’ in an ‘easier to see’ spot on the website. Also other video options are now available which this Group could review. Scott and Nate will select the top 3 videos for this Group to review to see which one we believe will be the best to offer on our website. This one is from the City of Houston Emergency Planning Division.
  • SNAP Test – 9/28/2018 – We do have emergency call boxes at the Newtown Campus that have been difficult to keep working, but we have a plan now to make them work and will keep you posted.
  • Reporting
    • Annual Security Report
    • Minger/Clery Update – Scott Coleman
      • Scott explained to the Group that he is required to report crimes on campus. The Minger Act – Arson crimes are reported through. Because our students live in U.K. Dorms we have to use U.K. numbers within our reports. This year Scott created a “Disclaimer’ explaining this to go along with his reporting. He talked about ADA rules for our new website –
        KCTCS wants it here in pdf form. These laws require
        ‘boundaries.’ That is why we have completed the ‘fencing’ around our Newtown North Campus.
      • Scott mentioned that next year the state and federal reports will merge.
      • Employees who are hurt – A First Report of Injury must be complete and sent to HR within 72 hours.
      • Accident reports are completed by Security anytime someone is hurt on campus.
  • Miscellaneous Updates
    • FCPS Partnership – STEAM and OMC
    • Assignments – Review Lisa’s email (below)
  • Assignments – - We do have an Integrated Emergency Plan that Lisa will send out via email. Please review her email.
      • Review Integrated Safety & Security Manual – Review and give feedback to Scott Coleman, copying Lisa Bell ( and Wayne Coleman. All feedback will need to be completed by November 16 please, prior to our 11/30/2018 meeting. Once okay, we will post updates on the website. FYI – For now, Wayne Cowan and Mike Ball are sharing the responsibility as Interim Deans of Operations until the vacant position is filled.
        • Identify Training Topics and Agenda Items –
          • If an emergency occurs a “Timely Warning’ will be issued. Something would be printed and taped to all exterior doors.
          • We need to find out and discuss if students need to receive this information.
          • Public Service Announcement training (to be in compliance)
          • Emergency Procedures – News people on campus….They should see Mark Manuel or Michelle Sjogren (Crisis Communication)
        • Mark Manual asked to be invited to the P.A.R.T. Committee Meeting when we schedule it.
  • Next meeting: The plan is that this Committee will meet the last Friday of each month.  October’s meeting will be Friday, October 26, 2018; November’s Meeting will be November 30, 2018. THERE WILL BE NO MEETING IN DECEMBER.

Statistics and Reports