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EdReady Self-Study

EdReady is a free, individualized, self-paced online tutorial and test preparation program for mathematics, English, and reading readiness. 

Instead of paying tuition for developmental courses, students can learn using EdReady at no cost. Prepare before the placement test or self-study and retake the placement test to bypass developmental course work. 

Student Instructions:

  1. Go to BCTC EdReady
  2. Click on “GET STARTED” and sign up with zip code 40506.
    screenshot of the get started button
  3. Choose one or more of the three BCTC specific GOALS:  BCTC Math Prep, BCTC Calculus Prep, or BCTC Verbal Prep.
    screenshot of the all goals button
  4. Click on “Start Diagnostic” to complete the initial assessment to generate your customized Study Path. This is not a test, so “PASS” on any problems you don’t know!
    screenshot of the submit button
  5. Once completed, you will get your initial score. Select “Continue Study Path” to get started on your individualized Study Path.
    screenshot of the continue study path button
  6. Choose which unit to study first and then select “Learn” to get started. Login anytime to continue along your study path at your own pace. Units include videos, tutorials, examples, exercises, and knowledge checks. Successful completion of tests increases your overall EdReady Prep score.
    screenshot of the choose which unit to study path
  7. When ready, schedule your College Placement Test through the BCTC Testing Center.
  8. Free Placement Re-Take Offer:  Reach the target score in EdReady for your subject goal and earn a FREE placement re-test! Contact Kausha.Miller@kctcs.edu PRIOR TO scheduling your test re-take.

EdReady is designed and maintained by The NROC Project, a community-guided non-profit and is available at no cost for personal use.

Free BCTC Tutoring is available for students working in EdReady. 

For questions about EdReady and/or help with registering an account, please contact: Angela.Huddleston@kctcs.edu.