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Student Activities and Organizations

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At BCTC, students are given many opportunities to shape their college experience! You can choose to run for SGA office, attend the monthly Peace and Earth Justice meetings, participate in a leadership retreat, and more. Your time at BCTC is what you make it, so don't hesitate to get involved!

Seize this opportunity to engage with your peers, sharpen your leadership skills, learn about yourself and others, and broaden your horizons!

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Organizations at BCTC

A Few Good Men Initiative (FGM) is a program established by the Diversity Task Force for Recruiting and Retention designed to empower males of color, particularly African-American males, academically, personally and professionally.

To learn more, visit our Few Good Men Initiative (FGM) page.

Advisor: Shelbie Hugle, (859) 246-6216,

A student organization to unite all African students of BCTC so as to share and foster the African solidarity.

Advisor: Iddah Otieno, (859) 246-6431,
Advisor: Yamukumba Mbayo, (859) 246-6887,

A professional student organization designed for students majoring in or interested in the field of Architecture.

Advisor: Kevin Murphy, (859) 246-6542,
A student organization to provide additional education and community experience for BCTC students by giving back to the community and developing networking skills.

Advisor: Tamarra Disco-Boggs, (859) 246-6654,
Advisor: Andrew Ball, (859) 246-6359,

Becoming H∙E∙R is a program established to support female students of color, particularly African-American/Black females.  Becoming H∙E∙R intends to increase, encourage, and support inclusion and educational success. 

To learn more, visit our Becoming HER page.

Advisor: Tania Crawford Gross 859 246-6580
Advisor:  Kauai Thurman 859 246-6471  

A student organization open to all of the BCTC Nursing Class of 2023 designed to foster a love of nursing while developing the qualities of leadership, advocacy and caring needed to succeed as a nursing student.

Advisor: Susan Hedgecock, (859) 246-6827 

A student organization open to all of the BCTC Nursing Class of 2022 designed to foster a love of nursing while developing the qualities of leadership, advocacy and caring needed to succeed as a nursing student.

Advisor: Nancy Bronner, (859) 246-4633, nancy.bronner@kctcs.ed

A student organization to convey the standards and promote the development of skills needed in the nursing profession.

Advisor: Nancy Bronner, (859) 246-4633,  

A student organization open to all BCTC students committed to creating, supporting and maintaining activities and programs that unify the campus and serve the student body and community.

Visit the Student Government Association (SGA) page for more information.

Advisor: Christina Robinson, (859) 246-6921,

A student organization to empower students to develop in educational, professional and personal dimensions through projects in computers and related technologies.

Advisor: Robert Chirwa, (859) 246-6298,

A student group open to students, faculty and staff designed to provide a meeting place for Christians and all people interested in the Christian faith.

Advisor: Kimberly Ross-Brown, (859) 246-6320

A student group student group to provide additional educational and coding experience to students in the Medical Information Technology Program.

Advisor: Tammie Disco, (859) 246-6654,
Advisor: Sharon Breeding, (859) 246-6812,

Are you passionate about BCTC and want to be a voice to prospective students as they make the decision to enter college?

You can share Your BCTC Life as an Influencer on social media, a Creator who works with our marketing team or Representative as the face and voice of BCTC.

We know that involved, connected students who are leaders in our community convey a wealth of knowledge about BCTC and can provide key insights into student life on our campuses as advocates for the college. We’d love to have you join us!

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A student group open to all BCTC students designed to foster cross-cultural understanding between the international and American students, faculty and staff.

Advisor: Brian Schanding, (859) 246-4647,

Ollie Rashid, (859)246-6893,

BCTC Intramural Sports offers fun recreational team sports promoting student wellness, inclusion and commUnity! Sports include soccer, volleyball and flag football in the fall and basketball in the spring. Beginners of all skill levels are welcome. Current BCTC part-time and full-time students and faculty & staff are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. Registration is required of all participants.

To learn more, visit Intramural Sports Page

Do you enjoy politics or would you like to learn more about Kentucky's legislative process?
If you answered yes, you should apply for a BCTC KY Legislative Internship.

Advisor: Professor Laura Williams, (859) 246-6526,

A student organization open to all Bluegrass College Student of Hispanic/Latino heritage or any student that has an interest in the culture, language and history of Latin America. The clubs purpose is to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Latin America as well as the influences of the Hispanic/Latino culture in the United States.

Advisor: Milton Meza 859-246-6894,

A student organization to promote awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQIA community and foster connections between all diverse groups.

Advisor: Peter Mottas, Jr. (859) 256-3100 
A student organization to provide leadership for business related programs and promote community involvement.

Advisor: Sharon Breeding, (859) 246-6812,
Advisor: Jamie Clark, (859) 246-6651,
A national honor society designed to promote scholarship, service, development of leadership, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students at BCTC. Visit our Phi Theta Kappa page to learn more.

Advisor: Tom Rogers, (859) 246-6543,
Advisor: Stephanie Fitch, (859) 246-4617, 
A student organization designed for the advancement of students pursuing careers in Dental Hygiene.

Advisor: Stephanie Riehn, (859) 246-6303,

Make the most of your experience here at BCTC. Have fun, serve others, network with others, build skills, discover yourself, and create change.

Learn more about all that SEAL offers.

Contact: Christina Robinson, (859) 246-6921, 

A student organization open to all BCTC students designed to create and promote progressive causes state and nationwide.


Katelyn Collins  

Roger Pearson

Continue education of 1st and 2nd year radiography students through networking and contact with experienced professionals.

Advisor: Lesley Klosterman, (859) 246-6354, 

The purpose of Treats for Treatment is to help raise money for cancer research and for current cancer patients in the surrounding area of Lexington, KY.

Advisor: Andrea Fender, 859-246-6499,

All Student Organizations must re-register at the beginning of the Fall semester.

Student Activities office will email the Student Organization advisors with the updated packet.


Reach out to the Student Success Hub at or 859-246-6702.