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Step-By-Step Training Guides

Student Resources

Miscellaneous Peoplesoft Self-Services
Pearson MyLabPlus Access Class Registration Instructions
  Search Open Classes (YouTube) 
Blackboard Visual Schedule Builder
Brainfuse Student Login (YouTube)  Change your Program Plan
Collaborate Ultra Change your Home Campus 
Troubleshooting Access to Blackboard Starfish
  Schedule Appointment
  Student Handout


Faculty Resources

Astra Miscellaneous
Cancel an Event Attendance in Online Classes
Astra Quick Event Scheduling Pearson MyLabPlus Access
Room Reservation YouTube Captioning
Assignments Brainfuse (YouTube) 
Export Archive Brainfuse Student Login (YouTube) 
Gradecenter Rubric
Gradebook Calculated Column Safeassign
Collaborate Ultra Safeassign Video (YouTube) 
Course Access Troubleshooting Student Access to Courseshell
Course Copy Subscribe to Forums (YouTube) 
Course List Module Settings (YouTube)                          Locating Dropped Student Grade History
Make Course Shell Available Troubleshooting Access to Blackboard
Add a Test Student Increase your Student Evaluation Return Rates (YouTube)
Tracking Views Enable Tracking (YouTube) 
Upload Syllabus (YouTube)  Welcome Letter Sample
Retention Center Add YouTube Mashup (YouTube)
Grade History  Portfolios 
Test and Survey Options Resolve Student Issues with Tests
Grade Center Statistics Manage Discussions
Color Code the Grade Center Grade Discussions
Test Exceptions  
Disability Support Services (DSS) Return to Title Four
Accessible Technology Overview
Captioning Resources Attendance in Online Classes
Word and Acrobat Last Date of Attendance
YouTube Captions Troubleshooting Roster Verification
Test Exceptions Recording No Show Instructions
PeopleSoft StarFish
Attendance Recording Instructions Access
Class Registration Instructions Collaborate
Email Students Email Advisees
Enrollment Request Office Hours
Roster Download Personal Profile
Search Open Classes (YouTube) Progress Survey
Visual Schedule Builder Starfish Edit/Removing Flags
Microsoft Related Raising Flags
OneDrive Recording Attendance
OneDrive-Upload and Edit Files Schedule Appointment
SharePoint Proctor Resource Center Student Handout
Skype for Business Student View
Excel Add Leading Zeroes Zoom In