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Scholarship FAQs


How do I apply for a Scholarship at BCTC?

To be considered for a scholarship, you must complete all of BCTC s Admission requirements and submit the online scholarship application plus all required documentation. For most scholarships a student must demonstrate financial need. Financial need is determined by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available online at The U.S. Department of Education determines actual financial need.

Can I fax or email my scholarship application?

No. The only way to submit an application is through the online application process. You may e-mail or fax your supporting documentation.

How do I know what scholarships are available?

BCTC is constantly working on providing scholarships to our students. You can view a list of scholarships on the website.

How will I be notified if I receive a scholarship?

Scholarship Award Notifications are sent via email to the recipients KCTCS email address. If a student does not receive a scholarship award notification from the Development Office, they have not been awarded. Denial letters are not sent due to the fact all applications remain active for the academic year.

How are students chosen to receive a Scholarship?

The BCTC Scholarship Committee reviews all applicants and selects recipients according to criteria. Student applications compete with other qualified candidates.

I was notified that I received a scholarship and I sent in my scholarship acceptance form and thank-you letter. How long will I have to wait for my scholarship?

It is difficult to anticipate the date that a scholarship will appear on a student account. In many cases scholarships may be posted after the financial aid disbursements are completed for the awarding semester. It is important to read your award notification letter carefully as it may indicate special circumstances.

What is a letter of recommendation?

BCTC’s Scholarship Application does not require a letter of recommendation but student’s can still submit this document is they want to. While there is not a specific guideline to what should be included, here are a few tips to help.

A letter of recommendation should:

  • Demonstrate your maturity and seriousness of purpose
  • Speak to your academic and leadership ability
  • Compliment your character
  • Include other pertinent information about you-- things not readily apparent from your transcripts

What is an original statement?

BCTC’s scholarship application requires students to submit an original statement. The statement should be one typed page in length. The topic of the statement is: Discuss the value and importance in your life of continuing your education and how it relates to your choosing Bluegrass Community & Technical College.

I have received an external scholarship. How do I go about having it placed on my account?

If you are receiving a scholarship from an external source, it will need to be sent to the Student Billing Office. Contact Student Billing if you have further questions.

If my GPA drops will I lose my scholarship?

When you received your scholarship notification letter it stated the criteria for that scholarship. If one of the criteria is based on GPA, you may lose your scholarship.

If I drop classes or withdraw from school, will I lose my scholarship?

When you received your notification letter it stated the criteria for that scholarship. If one of the criteria is based on enrollment, the amount you receive from your scholarship may be affected.

What does "Cost of Attendance" mean?

Cost of Attendance (COA) is calculated for each student and includes tuition, books and other expenses. Students cannot receive more financial aid than their COA. Some students who have loans and grants and then receive a scholarship may go over that COA, and BCTC will have to recalculate aid and typically reduce or cancel loan amounts.

What is an Over Award?

An over award is the receipt of aid in excess of financial need. Federal and state aid recipients cannot be awarded more that the cost of attendance, as determined by the Department of Education and BCTC. If a scholarship causes an over award, the Financial Aid Office will do a recalculation of federal and/or state financial aid awards. In some cases, students that are receiving loans, may have their loans reduced or canceled to correct an over award.