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Apprenticeship Information

What Are Apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is an industry-driven, paid position focused on developing skills. Apprentices get paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally-recognized credential. Employers can develop and prepare their future workforce.

Apprenticeship programs are for ambitious people of all ages. People who want to earn a salary while they learn, gaining real skills and knowledge.

The Apprenticeship program offers employers: 

  • the opportunity to strengthen and build their workforce
  • highly skilled quality talent, tailored to meet their needs

How do Apprenticeship Programs Work?

Our Registered Apprenticeship Program Coordinator works with an employer to develop a registered apprenticeship position at their company. Our Program Coordinator also recruits qualified apprentices and matches them with the appropriate employer. 

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*Apprenticeship opportunities are subject to employer need.

Apprenticeship Benefits to Employers

  • Improve your strategy for hiring a skilled workforce 
  • Fill in your company's skills gap
  • "Grow your own" talent to teach your company's way
  • Increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover
  • Diversify your workforce
  • Reduce recruiting cost

Apprenticeship Benefits to Students

  • Get paid to learn
  • Structured on-the-job learning
  • Employed with salary and benefits prior to starting the program
  • College education paid for by employer
  • College degree and industry credentials
  • Graduate with no college debt

Non-Workforce Solutions Apprenticeships

BCTC also offers opportunities to get job training, earn a good income, and receive classroom instruction at the same time outside of Workforce Solutions. Learn more about apprenticeship opportunities outside of those partnered through Workforce Solutions.