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Online BCTC Programs

best online community college sealBCTC offers online courses in a wide array of disciplines and fields. Complete your entire degree, diploma, or certificate program without ever coming to campus! When you're a Bluegrass Community and Technical College online student, you're making the journey to a great new career on your own. Our committed and experienced instructors are here to ensure your success in a variety of challenging and rewarding online academic programs. Whether your goal is to pursue one of our cutting-edge, career-focused programs or choose a degree plan transferable to a four-year college, BCTC is a great place to start! Regardless of your choice, you'll graduate with the knowledge and skills you need for whatever journey you choose. A full listing of our online classes is available on the Schedule of Classes page. Check out the available online options below:

BCTC offers online credentials in the following formats:
Associate in Arts - AA
Associate in Science - AS
Associate in Applied Science - AAS
Diplomas - D
Certificate - C

BCTC offers online programs in the areas of:

Administrative Office Technology

  • Administrative Management (AAS)
  • Financial Assistant (AAS, D)
  • Legal Administrative (AAS)
  • Administrative Assistant (D)
  • Legal Office Assistant (D)
  • Office Assistant (D)
  • Administrative (C)
  • Data Entry Operator (C)
  • Desktop Publishing (C)
  • Financial Assistant Clerk (C)
  • Financial Assistant Trainee (C)
  • Financial Record Keeper (C)
  • Integrated Office Skills (C)
  • Legal Receptionist (C)
  • Receptionist (C)
  • Client Support Specialist (C)

Architectural Technology

  • Residential Design (D)
  • Residential Designer (C)

Associate in Arts

Associate in Science

Business Administration

  • Business Management (AAS)
  • Hospitality Management (AAS, C)
  • Human Resource Management (AAS)
  • Marketing Track (AAS)
  • Real Estate Management (AAS)
  • Operations Management (C)
  • Public Leadership (C)
  • Real Estate Pre-Licensing (C)
  • Real Estate Residential (C)
  • Supervisory Management (C)
  • Team Leadership (C)
  • Social Media Marketing (C)
  • Entrepreneurship (C)

Civil Engineering Technology

  • Civil Engineering Technology (AAS)
  • Civil Engineering Technician I (C)
  • Civil Engineering Technician II (C)
  • Civil Engineering Technician III (C)

Computer Aided Drafting and Design

  • 3D Modeler (C)
  • Drafter Assistant (C)
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design (AAS)
  • Computer Assisted Drafter (C)
  • Civil Drafter (C)
  • Architectural Designer (C)

Computer Engineering Technology

  • Computer Engineering Technology (AAS)

Computer Information and Technology

  • Business Software and Support (AAS)
  • Cloud Computing Technologies (AAS)
  • Geospatial Technologies (AAS)
  • Informatics (AAS)
  • Internet Technologies (AAS)
  • Network Technologies (AAS)
  • Programming (AAS)
  • Video Game Design (AAS, C)
  • A+ Prep (C)
  • AWS Cloud Architecture (C)
  •  CISCO Networking Associate (C)
  • CISCO Networking Enhanced (C)
  • CIT Fundamentals (C)
  • Computer Support Technician (C)
  • Computer Tech Basic (C)
  • Computer Technician (C)
  • Informatics Advanced (C)
  • Informatics Generalist (C)
  • Informatics Programming (C)
  • Information Security Specialist (C)
  • Microsoft Enterprise Administrator (C)
  • Microsoft Network Administrator (C)
  • Mobile Apps Development (C)
  • Net+ Prep (C)
  • Network Technologies Specialist (C)
  • Productivity Software Specialist (C)
  • Programming (C)
  • Security+ Prep (C)
  • Web Administration (C)
  • Web Programming (C)

Criminal Justice

  • Corrections (AAS,C)
  • Computer Forensics (C)
  • Criminal Justice (AAS,C)
  • Law Enforcement (AAS,C)
  • Security and Loss Prevention (AAS,C)
  • Community Reentry Specialist (C)
  • Criminal Behavior (C)


  • Cyber Forensics (AAS)
  • Cyber Science (AAS)
  • Network Defense (AAS)
  • Secure Coding (AAS)
  • Cryptography Fundamentals (C) 
  • Cyber Defense Fundamentals (C)
  • Cyber Forensics - Advanced (C)
  • Cyber Network and Forensics Fundamentals (C)
  • Secure Coding - Advanced (C)
  • Secure Coding - CIT Bridge (C)
  • Secure Coding - Fundamentals (C)
  • Network Defense (C)

Education - Educator Preparation

  • Education - Educator Preparation (AAS)

Graphic Design and Library Technology

  • Graphic Design (AAS)
  • Library Information Technology (AAS, C)
  • Video Game Design (AAS, C)
  • Digital Video (C)
  • Graphic Design (C)

Human Services

  • Human Services (AAS)
  • Aging Services (C)
  • Client Service Coordinator (C)
  • Direct Support Work (C)
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Technician (C)
  • Recovery Coach (C)

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

  • Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (AAS, D)
  • Child Care Assistant (C)
  • Early Childhood Administrator (C)
  • KY Child Care Provider (C)
  • School Age Child Care (C)
  • Technical Studies (C)

Medical Information Technology

  • Medical Administrative (AAS)
  • Medical Coding (AAS)
  • Medical Office Management (AAS)
  • Medical Transcriptionist (AAS)
  • Medical Administrative Assistant (D)
  • Medical Records Specialist (D)
  • Electronic Health Records Specialist (C)
  • Hospital Admissions Specialist (C)
  • Medical Coding (C)
  • Medical Receptionist (C)
  • Medical Scribe (C)
  • Medical Transcriptionist (C)
  • Medical Unit Coordinator (C)

Supply Chain Management (Logistics) 

  • Logistics Operations (C)
  • Supply Chain Management (AAS)
  • Supply Chain Specialist (C)