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What are Pathway Cohorts?

A Pathway Cohort is a group of students in the same career pathway or a specific population taking some of the same classes together. There is a designated Pathway Course that all cohort students will have in common.  Additionally, cohort students are provided a weekly “Common Hour” built into their schedules to take advantage of planned activities including tutoring, career exploration, and learning/peer support specifically geared toward their chosen Pathway.

Who can Join a Pathway Cohort?

First-year students or anyone who meets the prerequisites of the Pathway Course. We currently have Pathway Cohorts for Healthcare, College-Readiness, Honors, African-America Student Initiatives, Adult Online Learners, and LatinX Heritage.

Why Join a Pathway Cohort?

  • Take the recommended classes for getting a great start in a particular Pathway.
  • Take classes and make friends with peers that have similar interests.
  • Have a peer guide within the pathway available for questions and assistance.
  • Have a scheduled Common Hour room and time to meet with peers to socialize or study.
  • Be able to participate in specific activities and get access to additional campus resources.

How Do I Enroll in a Pathway Cohort?

Talk to your advisor when you enroll for classes or email

What Pathway Cohorts are Available?

Fall 2024 Cohorts

Enrollment for Fall 2024 Pathway Cohorts is now open!

See BCTC Advising Hub Pathway Cohorts for specific cohort information.

  • For any pre-Healthcare program, including Nursing
  • 1st Semester Cohort Includes BIO 137 + [ENG 101 and/or PSY 110] + [NAA 100 and/or FYE 105]
  • 2nd Semester (Spring Only) Cohort includes BIO 139 + Quantitative Reasoning
  • Section numbers will be J1P# or 19PH
  • For any students that place into IRW 85, ENG 101 + 100 corequisite, RDG 185, MAT 011, MAT 075, or MAT 061
  • Option 1: Cohort Includes FYE 105 + IRW 085 + [MAT 011 and/or AH 101U] (sections J1P0, J1P1, 19P1)
  • Option 2: Cohort Includes ENG 101/100 + RDG 185 + [MAT 061 and/or FYE 105] (sections J1P2, J1P3, 19P2)
  • For incoming students who are 25 or older and need online classes
  • Cohort Includes FYE 105 and/or MAT 011 (section 19P9)
  • For more information please contact
  • For any students who identify as African American/Black
  • Cohort includes FYE 105 and/or HIS 261 (sections J1P7 or J1P8)
  • For more information please contact
  • For immigrant and refugee students.
  • Required Course FYE 105
  • For more information, please contact
  • For students who identify with or have a Latinx Heritage.
  • Spanish Speaking is NOT required.
  • 1st Semester Cohort Includes FYE 105, ENG 101, HIS 206 and/or SPA 205U
  • 2nd Semester Cohort Includes LAS 201U, HUM 120 and/or SPA 215U
  • All section numbers are J1SP
  • For more information, please contact
  • For students who qualify for the Honors Program
  • All section numbers are J1HN.
  • For more information, please see The BCTC Honors Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Each Pathway Cohort requires enrollment in one or more specific courses designated as the Pathway Course. All Pathway Courses have a “P” in their section numbers. Read the Course Notes for specific cohort information. When you enroll in the specific Pathway Course, you will also be enrolled in a Pathway Common Hour [Denoted as AOCCR: College Career & Readiness on your schedule].

Attending Common Hours improves likelihood of course success! Participation in the common hour is voluntary, but highly encouraged. This time and room are provided for students within a Pathway Cohort to gather for social and academic activities during a time when they are on campus and do not have scheduled classes. Some classes may provide extra credit for attendance.

Yes. After enrolling in the Pathway Course for a particular cohort, you will be enrolled in a specific Pathway Common Hour.  This common hour will appear as a course with a room and time and will be designated as AOCCR: College Career & Readiness. The Common Hour is NOT a credit-bearing course and will not appear on your transcript, only on your schedule.

For more information, please contact BCTC Student Success and Retention:


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