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Let's Get BCTC-Ready!

Thank you for your interest in our BCTC Success Academies!

Success Academy is a program designed to support developmental mathematics, English, and reading students to improve their college readiness placement and gain skills to increase academic success.

BCTC Success Academies are held each Summer and Winter session and are FREE for students!

Students who are unsure of their college readiness placement may still apply to Success Academy, but a review of registrations will include a college readiness check to determine your eligibility to participate. Students who are enrolled in MAT 011, MAT 075, ENC 091, or IRW 085 for the Fall 2023 are highly encouraged to apply.

*Note that any former Success Academy student can register again, but they will not be eligible for additional scholarship funds or prizes.

What can Success Academy do for you?

Each Academy is FREE to the student and will provide:

  • Hybrid experience with both on-location and virtual days preparing students to get BCTC-Ready!
  • Introduction to BCTC campus, technologies, services, and resources
  • Free placement testing with opportunities to improve your placement
  • The opportunity to skip one or more developmental classes, saving you time and money!
  • Interactive lessons on subject content with experienced faculty
  • Engagement with current BCTC students and Peer Guides
  • Daily and Weekly Prizes!
  • Lunch during on-campus days
  • One Grand Prize awarded to each academy

2023 Success Academies

*** Limited Seats Available. Submit your Application Today! ***

Prerequisites:  Placement into IRW 085, RDG 100, ENG 100

Apply for a RDG/ENG Academy Now!

  • Thursday, July 6th – Friday, July 7th:  On location at BCTC Newtown Campus
  • Monday, July 10th:  Virtual Live Sessions
  • Tuesday, July 11th – Wednesday, July 12: On location at BCTC Newtown Campus
  • Thursday, July 13th – Friday, July 14th:  One hour scheduled Virtual Advising Session

Prerequisites:  Placement into MAT 011, MAT 075, MAT 085, or MAT 100

For 2023, the MATH Success Academies have received grant funds from KY Council of Postsecondary Education and we are pleased to provide these additional benefits:

  • Students who complete a Math Success Academy will qualify for $600 scholarship toward Fall 2023 tuition!
  • Free 1 credit hour Student Success Course for Fall that will meet First Year Experience graduation requirements.

Apply for a MATH Academy Now

  • Monday, May 22nd – Tuesday, May 23rd:  On location at BCTC Newtown Campus
  • Wednesday, May 24th:  Virtual Sessions Online
  • Thursday, May 25th – Friday, May 26th:  On location at BCTC Newtown Campus
  • Monday, May 29th – Tuesday, May 30th: One hour scheduled Virtual Advising Session
  • Monday, July 17th – Tuesday, July 18th: On location at BCTC Newtown Campus
  • Wednesday, July 19th:  Virtual Sessions Online
  • Thursday, July 20th – Friday, July 21st: On location at BCTC Newtown Campus
  • Monday, July 24th – Tuesday, July 25th: One hour scheduled Virtual Advising Session
More Information Coming Soon!

If you have any questions, please contact BCTC Early Alert:

We hope you will join us!

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