Welcome to Early Alert and Starfish | BCTC

Welcome to Early Alert and Starfish

With students at the heart of the BCTC mission, Early Alert supports student access, success, and persistence by acknowledging academic progress, identifying and targeting barriers to student success, and providing an available student support network. Early Alert uses data analytic tools like Civitas Illume to proactively identify and communicate to specific students, such as those enrolled in high impact courses or with low predicted persistence scores, who may need critical wraparound services.  Early Alert also facilitates the use of Starfish across BCTC.  Starfish is a tool that students can use to raise their hand for help and that student support specialists use to communicate with students about their progress.  Early Alert helps guide those communications to the right specialists and follows up to make sure students get timely information to help them be successful.

Early Alert collaborates with student services on:

  • Academic and non-academic referrals 
  • Student hand raises (Raise Your Hand in Starfish) 
  • Faculty raised flags and kudos
  • Strategic communications and outreach to specific student populations (e.g., students in high impact courses)

Early Alert Administrative Staff Information:

  • Brandi Thomas, MS
    Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness/Early Alert Manager
    Telephone: 859-246-4686
    Email: brandi.thomas@kctcs.edu 
  • Dr. Christopher Ledford 
    Director of Institutional Effectiveness/Early Alert College Lead
    Telephone: 859-246-6626
    Email: christopher.ledford@kctcs.edu 

Email BCTC Early Alert: BL-EarlyAlert@kctcs.edu

Starfish for Students

Tutorial and Informational Videos for Students