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Enrollment Verification

Verify enrollment

Currently enrolled students may print a Current Enrollment Verification Certificate online using Peoplesoft (new window), and National Student Clearinghouse Self Service Verification.

Click on Peoplesoft to log on to your Self-service account, or click on Student Self-service from the BCTC home page.

KCTCS Student Records is located at the very bottom of the right column:

  1. Click on "Enroll Verify - Clearinghouse"
  2. Choose your Home College - then click on "click here for Step 2"
  3. click on "Self-Service Enrollment Verification"
  4. click in the circle for desired proof of enrollment (current, all, or advanced)
  5. click (above) "Obtain an Enrollment Certificate" and a pdf will be created.
  6. Save or print your Enrollment Verification Certificate pdf
  7. LOG OFF


Enrollment Checklist

A step-by-step guide to enrolling into the college can be found on the Enrollment Checklist page

Enrollment Policies

KCTCS Enrollment Policies cover a number of topics including student loads, the grading system, GPA, Academic Probation, and more. 

Please find the Enrollment Policies on the KCTCS website. 

Course Enrollment Request

More information regarding specific course requests can be found on the Course Enrollment Request page.