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Transfer Information

General Transfer Guidelines

The evaluation of transfer credit determines how Bluegrass Community and Technical College will accept credit from other institutions. BCTC requires official transcripts from all previous institutions attended and these are used to establish transfer equivalencies. Please allow a semester after enrollment for coursework to be entered and evaluated. Due to this delay please provide your advisor with unofficial copies of your transcript to best determine the courses you need to take before your coursework is evaluated.

How will my credits transfer?

Transfer credit is initially evaluated based on whether the course is considered general education or elective. Direct equivalencies to BCTC courses are either based on previously established direct equivalencies or information on the course is sent to the appropriate department coordinator to establish a new direct equivalency. Previously established direct equivalencies can be viewed in the BCTC Equivalency Table.

To have coursework re-evaluated as a general education course or to establish a direct equivalency with a BCTC course you must provide one of the following:

  • Course descriptions from previous institution.
  • A syllabus for the course to be re-evaluated.
  • General education/Graduation Requirement course lists from previous institution (General Education evaluation only).

Please send this information to the Transfer Credit Evaluator Bluegrass Records to begin the re-evaluation process.

BCTC Equivalency Table

Incoming students can view transfer course equivalencies already established at BCTC. This information is not all-encompassing and will be updated regularly as curriculum changes and new equivalencies are added. To access this information please connect to Bluegrass Community & Technical College Transfer Information.

This transfer table does not reflect how other institutions accept credit from Bluegrass Community and Technical College. For this information please visit the Transfer Center.

Transfer of Credits from Regionally Accredited Colleges

  • Bluegrass Community and Technical College awards credit for 100 and 200 level transfer coursework taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities. Credit is recognized credit hour for credit hour.
  • Quarter hours are recognized as two-thirds (2/3) of a semester hour.

Regionally Accrediting Agencies:

  • Higher Learning Commission (formerly North Central Association of Colleges and Schools)
  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges

International Transfer Credits

Transfer credit is also awarded for courses completed at colleges and universities outside of the United States based on recommendations from agencies that evaluate foreign educational institutions (e.g. World Educational Services and Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.). A list of these is available at NACES. To properly evaluate the coursework from these institutions course descriptions from the catalog, or syllabi must be provided in official English translation. Please provide these descriptions to Bluegrass Records.

Transfer Guidelines by Student Type

Prospective Students:

Evaluation of coursework occurs during the first semester as a Bluegrass Community and Technical College student. Prospective students may find the BCTC Equivalency Table helpful. If the student is transferring from a school not listed in the BCTC Equivalency table, the student may submit a Transfer Equivalency Request form .

Visiting or Non-Degree Seeking Students:

Although no official transcripts are required for admission as a Visiting or Non-Degree seeking student and no evaluation of transfer work occurs, copies of transcripts may be necessary to enter organized classes with prerequisites. For more information see the Course Enrollment Request page.

Students with AP or IB credit from high school:

There is information provided in the KCTCS catalog indicating what college credit may be transferred from AP or IB credit earned in high school to Bluegrass Community and Technical College. To receive AP college credit, students should submit official College Board test scores to the BCTC Admissions. To receive AP college credit, students should submit official College Board test scores to the BCTC Records Office. The college credit will appear under Transfer Credit in Student Self-service.

Entering Transfer Students:

Evaluation of transfer work occurs during the first semester of enrollment for all degree seeking BCTC transfer students. Students will be able to view established equivalencies on their PeopleSoft account under View my Transfer Credit. Please note: until coursework has been evaluated, no equivalency information will be visible. Once the evaluation has occurred, students may view the BCTC course equivalent. Refer to the BCTC Equivalency Table to help determine which courses will satisfy BCTC degree requirements before this process is completed.

Prior Transfer Students

All coursework and transfer work entered prior to Fall 2005 is viewable only in Legacy. Students may view this work in PeopleSoft under View My Legacy located under 'Self-Service', and 'Academic Records'. Please note: transfer work in Legacy may be used to fulfill graduation requirements, but the course equivalency is no longer viewable. To determine how Legacy transfer work may count toward program requirements, speak to an Academic Advisor.

Transferring Credit from BCTC to another college

For students interested in how Bluegrass Community and Technical College credits transfer to four year Kentucky schools, please visit the Transfer Center at the Cooper Campus in the Oswald Building Room 203 or the Transfer Center Website.

For any other transfer evaluation please contact Bluegrass Records.