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Blackboard Help

Visit the Distance Learning FAQ page for answers to some general questions.

Blackboard Resources

There are two main resources you can use to learn more about how to use Blackboard Ultra.

  1. Blackboard offers helpful guides and troubleshooting advice for students. If you need more help completing a task in Blackboard or have questions about Blackboard you can visit the Blackboard Learn Help for Students troubleshooting guide. There you search by topic or key words to find information on how to use Blackboard.

  2. The easiest way to find more information on how to use Blackboard is to access video tutorials on the Blackboard Learn with Ultra Experience Tutorials-Students YouTube playlist. It has videos to:

    • Edit your profile
    • Update your notifications settings
    • Use the content editor
    • Send messages to peers and instructors
    • And much more!

Blackboard Technical Support

  1. Clear your browser history and cache.
  2. Test other browsers and websites to determine if the problem is with Blackboard or if it is related to your device or internet connection.

If the problem seems to be specifically with Blackboard, contact the GoKCTCS Technical Support site.

Hands-on Assistance

Our Library and Tutoring services can help you navigate Blackboard. You can drop into any of our campus libraries and ask for help or visit a tutoring center for course help.

GoKCTCS Technical Support

If you need technical support for using or accessing Blackboard or any other KCTCS system or resource, there is one central access point where you reach out for support: GoKCTCS

The GoKCTCS site allows you select your college and provides you with direct contact information for calling, chatting or emailing a request for assistance. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can also call (855) 465-2827

Reset Your Password

Sometimes passwords cause issues with logging-on to MyPath or Blackboard. Go here to reset your user password.

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