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International Student Admission

Any applicant that is applying for, or currently holds, an F-1, M-1, or J-1 visa is considered to be an international applicant. Students in this category must follow the guidelines detailed below.

If an applicant is currently holding a visa type other than F-1, M-1, or J-1 and does not plan to change their visa type, they should follow the standard admission guidelines, however, they may not apply for Spring II or Fall II semesters. Applicants should include a photocopy of their Permanent Resident card or visa.

Application & Document Deadlines

International Student Requirements:

Step 1

Complete the application for admission

  • A social security number is not needed to complete the online application. 
  • If you provide incorrect information on your application it may take longer for your application to process.
  • A $25.00 application fee will be charged to your student account.
Step 2

Provide proof of English proficiency [more info]

  • For a list of accepted tests and score requirements please click the "more info" link above.
Step 3

Provide official evaluated transcripts [more info]

  • All students are required to submit post-secondary (college or university) transcripts. If you have not attended a post-secondary institution you will be required to submit official secondary education (high school) transcripts. Please click the "more info" link above for additional information regarding transcript requirements.

Go to the Costs and Financial Verification page and complete the Financial Verification Form 

  • All students must provide proof of funds in English on a certified bank document. Students who are supported financially by a Third Party must submit an official letter from the government or organization.

Faxes, photocopies, and scanned images of documents will not be accepted. Once documents have been turned in for admission, they become the property of BCTC and must be maintained for reporting purposes. NO documents will be returned to students for any reason. If you have problems obtaining original documents, please contact the ISS Office directly.

Applicants must provide original documents to:

Office of Admissions
International Student Services
202A Oswald Building
470 Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40506