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First Year Experience

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Welcome to the First Year Experience (FYE) at Bluegrass Community & Technical College. FYE is in the Office of Student Success and Retention.

Why take FYE?

A first-year experience course is crucial for community college students because it provides essential support for your academic, social, emotional, and career skills. It helps you adjust to the college environment, develop academic skills, and explore career options. Additionally, it introduces you to campus resources and fosters a sense of belonging, contributing to your overall success and completion toward your college degree.

FYE 105: Achieving Academic Success  

Introduces students to strategies that promote academic, personal, and professional success in the college environment. Foster a sense of belonging, promotes engagement in the curricular and co-curricular life of the college, and provides opportunities for student to develop academic plans that align with career and life goals. Lecture: 3.0 credits (45 contact hours).

  1. Demonstrate the development of an academic plan using career research information.
    • Develop an education plan that leads to a career path.
    • Research and understand career choices.  
  2. Demonstrate use of college resources.
    • Research and understand transfer options.
    • Locate and utilize campus resources.
    • Demonstrate use of information technology.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate college professionalism and academic behaviors.
    • Develop self-management skills.
    • Develop strategies for academic success. 

FYE 100: Strategies for College Success

Introduces students to strategies and information that promote success in the college environment including educational planning, campus resources, and academic success skills. Lecture: 1.0 credit (15 contact hours).

  1. Develop an educational plan that leads to a career path.
  2. Locate and utilize campus resources including information technology tools.
  3. Develop strategies and techniques for personal, academic, and career success

NOTE: Students may not receive credit for both FYE 100 and FYE 105.

Hunter Chandler
College Success Coordinator