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Whether you're starting college for the first time or thinking about a career change, we've got you covered. We offer associate degrees, diplomas and certificates - and we're here to help you reach your goals. Get started by finding the program that works for you!

Licensure Disclosures

Colleges in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) offer courses, certificate programs, diplomas, and associate degrees that may lead to licensure or certification that is required for employment in your state. The programs listed on the website meet requirements for the state of Kentucky However, requirements for licensure or certification in other states may vary.

If you currently live outside of Kentucky, be aware there may be additional requirements needed to obtain licensure or certification in your state. KCTCS has made every effort to ensure the educational requirements for licensure or certification information is correct; however, state requirements may change following the publication of this information. Consult with your state’s licensing/certification board to determine if your chosen path of study will meet their requirements.

Many programs may lead to licensure or certification that can be desirable for employment. Only those that are required by the state for employment are listed here.

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Administrative Office Technology

Excel in any office by sharpening your business communication skills.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Learn in the environment where you will work, and practice on the manufacturing floor.

Air Conditioning Technology

Design, build, and maintain climate control systems through hands-on training for a career as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician.

Apprenticeship Studies

Master a trade and become a journey-worker through a Federally-approved Registered Apprenticeship program. Earn competitive pay and college credit at the same time, alongside a dedicated worksite mentor. It’s college, but with minimal debt!

Architectural Technology

Imagine it and create it: your career in architecture starts now. Our program emphasizes graphic communication, design skills and knowledge of construction types.

Associate in Arts

AA degree transferring to a University for continued education in studies such as Elementary Education, Psychology, Social Work.

Associate in Science

AS degree transferring to a University for continued education in studies such as Biology, Engineering, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet

Automotive Technology

Go beyond car repair with this comprehensive program. You'll gain the technical expertise necessary to diagnose, repair and maintain today's high-tech automotive systems.


Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you'll need to work in a biotech lab. Learn to analyze DNA, generate cell cultures, document your findings and more.

Business Administration

Can you picture yourself in an office setting, collaborating with a team to solve business problems? We can help you get there.

Commercial Driver's License Training

Learn to operate trucks safely and gain a working knowledge of the trucking industry.

Computer Aided Drafting & Design

Draw your way to a bright future with high-tech CAD training. Our program trains you to make detailed, accurate specifications for use in manufacturing and construction.

Computer Engineering Technology

Prepare to pursue careers in the design and maintenance of digital systems, network development and testing, and basic database programming and maintenance.

Computer and Information Technologies

Get the hands on experience you need to design, maintain and use different computing technologies.

Computerized Manufacturing and Machining

Prepare for the dynamic future of manufacturing. Gain job-ready skills in cutting-edge computerized manufacturing methods and computer-aided drafting techniques.

Construction Technology

Build a solid foundation for a career in construction. Prepare for highly skilled jobs in residential or commercial building or become an independent contractor.


Style your way to success. Break into the beauty business or take your salon skills to the next level with a comprehensive education in hair, skin and nail care.

Criminal Justice

Serve your community while promoting public safety. Our degree and certificate programs prepare for you for police, corrections, or security careers.


Learn to protect systems under attack by understanding common threats and the methods and tools to defend and protect.

Dental Hygiene

Create beautiful smiles for a living as a dental hygienist. Gain the technical and interpersonal skills essential for work in a dentist’s office.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Find what ails your patient by taking a deeper look using ultrasound technology. Help diagnose your patients as a diagnostic medical sonographer.

Diesel Technology

Fuel your career with hands-on experience servicing medium and heavy-duty trucks. The trucking industry is growing, along with job opportunities for skilled technicians.

Education – Educator Preparation

Kickstart your journey toward teaching certification with affordable courses designed to transfer to the four-year school of your choice.

Electrical Technology

Amp up your career with specialized training in electrical theory and hands-on practice to become an industrial or construction electrician.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Step up to the challenges as an emergency responder. If you’re a certified EMT, you can level up to a paramedic in 12 months.

Engineering and Electronics Technology

Supercharge your earning potential with specialized, high-tech training for in-demand engineering and electronics jobs.

Environmental Science Technology

Make a living making a difference. Experience in the field and lab will prepare you for opportunities in a high-demand career and for bachelor’s degrees.

Equine Studies

Get on track with professional training for a career working with horses. Our programs can lead to a position as a jockey, horseman or racing official.

Filmmaking and Cinematic Arts

Lights! Camera! Action! This certificate gives you hands-on, project-based overview of filmmaking, from the treatment of the script, art design to the production and editing and the final distribution.

Fire/Rescue Science Technology

Stop, drop, roll and get ready to meet the challenges of being an emergency responder in the 21st Century.

General Occupational/Technical Studies

Learn key skills that are crucial in any kind of work and prepare you to adapt to different needs.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is all about visual communication. From branding, advertising, illustration, and typography to motion graphics, user interfaces, web, and multimedia design, graphic design is responsible for how the world looks and how we interact with it. For students interested in art, communication, psychology, and creative problem-solving.

Health Science Technology

Launch your healthcare career with versatile, job-ready training for a variety of medical fields.

Human Services

Affect change through meaningful work helping people in need. Our programs train you for careers in social, community, education and mental health services.

Industrial Maintenance Technology

Install, repair and maintain the machinery used in manufacturing and industry. You'll become a versatile, in-demand problem solver.

Integrated Engineering Technology

Learn to apply the technical aspects of electrical and mechanical integrated technology that are essential in the design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of automated and complex manufacturing systems.

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Inspire a love of learning. You'll learn about children's growth from birth through age five and prepare to work in preschools, Head Start programs or childcare centers.

Library Information Technology

A library is more than just a building full of books. It's a space to learn, create, and connect with the past, present, and future.

Medical Assisting

Become a vital member of a healthcare team! As a multi-skilled healthcare professional, you are a key liaison between doctor & patient. You'll play an essential role in diagnosis and treatment! Work alongside physicians in the administrative office, examining room, and laboratory. You'll make a difference.

Medical Information Technology

Develop professional skills to assist healthcare professionals and patients complete the administrative, medical records, coding and billing processes in the healthcare environment.

Medicaid Nurse Aide

Learn key nursing skills and practice them in a variety of real-world settings.

Practical Nursing

Learn key nursing skills and practice them in a variety of real-world settings.


Learn key nursing skills and practice them in a variety of real-world settings.

Orthotic & Prosthetic Technology

Orthotic & Prosthetic Technicians design, fabricate, maintain, and repair medical devices such as foot orthoses (inserts), back, hip, knee, ankle, and arm orthoses (braces), and prostheses (artificial limbs).


Level up your life-saving skills. If you’re a certified EMT, our selective-admission associate degree program offers advanced prep for the National Registry Exam.

Pharmacy Technology

Help registered pharmacists prepare medications. There’s a growing demand for pharmacy techs as our population ages and new drugs go on the market every day.


Develop a dynamic career in medical imaging with a comprehensive associate of applied sciences in radiography that includes specialized courses and hands-on clinical practice.

Respiratory Care

Help people breathe easier. Learn to use life-saving equipment and care for patients with lung or heart problems, while entering a field that's full of opportunity.

Supply Chain Management (Logistics)

Strategize success with a career in logistics. Gain management, communication, and digital literacy skills, as well as preparation for industry certification.

Surgical Technology

Support doctors and other medical professionals as a Surgical Technologist. You'll learn to prepare for and assist during surgeries as part of a healthcare team.


Raise the curtain on your theatre career. Hone your craft while performing, directing, or working behind the scenes to produce on-campus productions.

Welding Technology

Discover materials and techniques for work in many industries as a specialist in one of the most highly paid skilled trades.

Academic Program of Study (Undecided Transfer) CIP Code
Associate in Arts 24.0101
Associate in Science 24.0101
Associate in Fine Arts - Theatre 50.0501
Associate in Fine Arts - Digital Cinematic Arts 50.0602
Academic Program of Study (Technical Programs) CIP Code
Administrative Office Technology 52.0402
Air Conditioning Technology 47.0201
Architectural Technology 15.1303
Automotive Technology 47.0604
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician 41.0101
Business Administration Systems 52.0201
Civil Engineering Technology 15.0201
Computer and Information Technologies 11.0101
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design 15.1301
Computer Engineering Technology 15.1201
Computerized Manufacturing and Machining 48.0503
Construction Technology 46.0201
Cosmetology 12.0401
Criminal Justice 43.0103
Dental Hygiene 51.0602
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 51.0910
Diesel Technology 47.0605
Education 13.1501
Electrical Technology 46.0302
Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic 51.0904
Engineering and Electronics Technology 15.0399
Environmental Science Technology 15.0507
Equine Studies 01.0507
Fire/Rescue Science Technology 43.0203
General Occupational/Technology Studies 30.9999
Human Services 44.0000
Industrial Maintenance Technology 47.0303
Information Management and Design 11.0801
Integrated Engineering Technology 14.4201
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education 19.0709
Medical Assisting 51.0801
Medical Information Technology 51.0716
Nursing - RN 51.3801
Orthotic and Prosthetic Technology 51.2307
Pharmacy Technician 51.0805
Practical Nursing 51.3901
Radiography 51.0911
Respiratory Care 51.0908
Supply Chain Management 52.0203
Surgical Technology 51.0909
Welding Technology 48.0508

Note: Certificate and Diploma credential pathways that are embedded within larger approved academic programs are excluded from this list. "Embedded" credential pathways are defined as sharing the same CIP code with a larger program OR being listed as part of a larger program according to the KCTCS catalog.